First Italian girl 2nd day bang

It’s a Friday night, I’m out in my local town having a beer with my old man before he returns back to contracting in the middle east. The pub I am in is a typical English small town affair, lots of drunk old fellas and English fatty women.

With my recent re-emergence into game, I’m back trying to eye-fuck every girl I get the DNA pang for. A two set of girls are acting a bit crazy, 7.5 and her mate, it’s seems obvious that they are screaming for some male attention. My old man goes to the loo, I see this as my opportunity to dive in, i push through my AA.

The 7.5 is Italian, as soon as I open my mouth to chat I can see her eyes sparkle, she is a “yes” girl. Just out of an 11 year relationship, visiting my home town on a work placement for 3 weeks. Cha-ching. I quickly number close and get back receiving life advice from my old man, that was almost too easy.

Girl beanie

Like this, 2 points less.

Day 1

I send a feeler text and organise to meet her in the week. She seems keen, so I run the three venue date model, we hit a couple of bars then a little restaurant for dessert. It all goes really easily, but I failed to plan my logistics. At this point in time I am seriously cock blocked as I am living in my family home before I go travelling. She mentions she has a house mate, so I assume I can just go back to hers should things go well and fuck her there.

I kiss her after the date, she’s getting pretty horny as I walk her home. Outside her house more tongue action ensues, I get a feel of her tits, she asks me to kiss her neck, she is making those little girly noises any red-blooded man likes to hear.  I start rubbing her tits and her pussy over her jeans.

Logistic failure kicks in, she can’t invite me in as it’s a family home, and she is renting a room. Fuck! (I’m going to Lanzarote the next day)

Day 2

I keep the texts pinging through my lay-less holiday. The day I return on my flight I get back late afternoon, she fires me a text in the evening.

“How would you like to pick me up from the train station?”

Immediately I go through the “White Knight vs. Alpha” internal debate, I decide since I haven’t been laid and due to the success of the previous date to reframe her text. I tell her am busy but I can maybe pick her up later but she has to bribe me with “cake”.  (I use cake a lot in my pickup, yet rarely ever eat it)

She is shit with logistics, she gives me the wrong train time (lucky i confirm the details and arrive when the train arrives, not the time she told me). I pick her up at the station it’s late (10:30pm), she is immediately friendly and touchy I can feel this is good. To build the rapport and comfort back up I take her to a little bar I know, we play Jenga and drink Guinness, she opens up more about her life, she used to be a life guard, everything just feels right.

She tries to kiss me in the pub, I back her off a bit and tell her to wait. I go a bit more sexual, slowing down the way I talk, looking into her eyes. The sexual tension ramps up, we are barely talking or playing Jenga. Conversation dries up, I take her outside, we go to my car and kiss more. I ramp it up back to the same point we had on the first date.

She suggests we find a quiet place in the country,  she is all over me for the next 10 minutes whilst I am desperately trying to recall any dark country lane I can take her down. I decide on somewhere I know. It’s pitch black when we arrive, the engine is off, we start undressing each other, things quickly progress and I bang her in my car with her ass setting off the car horn.





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