Alpha life

Free money

I live in London and my journey to unplug from the matrix continues.

Over the Christmas period and  festive season I went back to my family home in a small market town in rural England. As a child and teenager I collected a lot of things, boxes and boxes of these things are still sat in the loft of my family home gathering dust and decaying (even plastic has a shelve life)

I collected Starwars in the 1980’s and early 1990s  along with anything toy collectable (yeah I was a nerd). It all got boxed up and hidden away when I moved away to university and discovered girls and boozing.

So in between eating, drinking and being merry, I headed to the loft and unboxed all those things which are now called vintage toys (25 year old science fiction figures and space ships). Memories came rushing back of the weekends as a youth I spent at sales and swap-meets digging though boxes of junk looking for collectable toys. Even back then it was known that they were worth a little money, and at the time I had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Star wars. I could spot a plastic weapon and tell you which figure it came from, or which was the rarest variation of a toy and why. I also had plenty of free time and was obsessed, completely obsessed with collecting.

Rush forward 20 years and it’s time to reap the rewards of my childhood self. It’s like suddenly cashing in my youthful knowledge, time and pocket-money investments.  My last 31 days sales are below. That’s £1,222 (minus ebay and pay pal fees 15%)

Paypal sales


The other advantage to selling, is that it puts you in the entrepreneurial mind-set. You are forced to check prices, and calculate shipping and fees, you also gain skills in writing good product descriptions and have to deal with client queries. All essential skills for running your own business.

I’m about one box down, with several more to go, so I estimate another couple of thousand pounds at least. I also repaired, cleaned, advertised and sold my car for £1,750 (an old Audi A4) and that combined with Christmas and Birthday presents (money) comes to a grand total of around £3,000.

Not a bad return for the holiday period.


Social retardation and Tinder

Tinder is bad for men, here is why, it can also be a shitter for women too.

A girl I met recently told me about 2 of the “dates” she had been on recently both organised via the Tinder app.

Tinder Date 1

The date is in a bar the chode is a policeman, when she arrives they go to sit down and everything is awkward. The girl makes all of the chat, policechode can’t even look her in the eye, at no point does he make eye contact or make her feel comfortable. She does all the work in the conversation, (I asked her at this point why she hadn’t gotten up to leave?), she said she was giving him the “benefit of the doubt”. She feels awkward and unattracted to him.

The guy just isn’t cool and isn’t Alpha, he then asks her to come outside with him whilst he has a smoke, where he closes in on her, is not calibrated and is talking to her a couple of inches from her face. He is still smoking, he hasn’t escalated in any way there are no IOIs or “spark” to use her words.

They go back inside he is back to no eye contact, the girl decides she has finally had enough  and wants to leave. At this point in an act of desperation policechode tries to hold her hand. She tells him it’s too soon, despite having admitted to me she would have and has fucked guys on first dates.

She brushes him off, he doesn’t have a car there, he asks her for a lift to the train station. She concedes, she gives him a lift to the station, more final last ditch attempts to chat up the girl, with a final attempt at a kiss, which girl directs to her cheek.


Tinder Date 2

The girl tells me she went on a date with another guy who she describes as good looking, but that he was too nervous when communicating with her. I tell her that we’ve (men) have all been there, again she said she’d given him the benefit of the doubt but probably wouldn’t go on a second date with him.

I told her to tell him the honest reason for her not wanting the second date so he could work on it.  She said she’d never do that and would probably just not reply to any of his messages as it was “easier that way”.


This is why daygame for or any direct social interaction for the initial meet is good for girls as well as guys. If the girl had met either of these guys directly via a face-to-face (cock-to-pussy) interaction she could have immediately screened them, no need for awkward dates and no need to say that “hand holding” is a step too far on a first date. She can just tell him she’s not interested and leave the interaction without the waste of an evening for him or for her.

Direct social interaction is therefore win-win, it’s a great way to avoid the social retardation caused by apps like Tinder.


An act of violence

One of the reasons that I am embracing red pill ideology is an act of violence, performed by myself on a shithead who deserved the hiding he got.

Let me put this into context, I had never been in a fight until this incident  (apart from playground stuff), I was a typical white collar desk jockey looking to avoid confrontation.

On this particular night (I will go into it in another post) I completely lost it. Red mist, blood lust, rage, anger, hatred all came out of me, 6 months pent up anger at the verbal bullying and ridicule I had received from shithead culminated in me pounding his face on a work night out.  The drink had flowed, he had been his typical arsehole self and that was it, I was punching his face, he was hitting me, we were toe-to-toe and well, I enjoyed it. The police were called, he had facial injuries, I had some bruising and a broken finger.

This happened three months ago, I thought all was done with, I didn’t take things further and I assumed he wouldn’t. We both left working for that company and I had put the incident behind me in preparation for my travels. Part of the reason for learning Muay Thai is to make sure I can defend myself in the future (not that I did badly on this occasion).

I want to go into some detail as to my experience dealing with this down the cop shop and how the research I did before probably ended up with me being cautioned rather than having a criminal record.

I will write about that in future posts.