Month: May 2015

Your daygame wing should have abundance already

Keen to show off my new daygame skills to Tim, one of my best friends, we headed into central London. Initially I met him under the guise of doing a bit of shopping and catching up over a coffee.

We headed to a coffee shop, shot the shit for an hour and got onto the topic of daygame. I have known Tim since college,  he was the first person to introduce me to classic style/mystery method game. He knows some game and has had a succession of hot girl friends, most of which he meets through salsa classes.

Fair play to him, some have been real stunners. So I showed him my full week of dates coming up, the pictures of the girls I was on dates with and all from cold approach in the street. I suggested to him some daygame, I explained the basics, stop, compliment, stack assumptions, spike, vibe, hook, comfort.

We then spotted a daygamer on Oxford Street, we followed the guy for a bit and watched him open a couple of sets. My friend mentioned how it looked like the daygamer wasn’t “doing very well and it looked boring” and that if it were him he’d be standing closer to the girl. I explained that most daygame sets are actually pretty boring to look at, just a guy talking to a girl.

I opened a 2 set to warm up, a positive response from 2 Spanish girls (of course they had boyfriends). Thing is my friend walked on, he didn’t even watch the set, again I did it with two Italian girls sat on Argyle street eating street food. Again another very positive response, they also hit me with the boyfriend line. Tim didn’t watch the set either. So we walked down to Carnaby street, then I showed him a great daygame spot in front of whole foods.

A pretty girl with a pink leather jacket, curvy ass in tight jeans walked past. I suggested to him to open her, and gave him a line to use. He couldn’t do it, so I stepped up and opened. She was accused of being a “Barbie rock star in her pink leather jacket”, she was Italian and hooked very easily, gave me the eyes and suggested we go meet her friend.  3rd open and first solo girl, ker-ching.

Tim was nowhere to be seen, so I walked her to the bar where her two Italian friends (girl and a guy) were waiting. I walked back to find Tim and told him that she was really easy to talk to and it was on. Daygame point proven. so we walked back to the bar, and this is where it gets interesting.

He sat next to the girl and proceeded to hit on her, talking about his life, his side business, joking, flirting, eye contact. I was livid, this wasn’t traditional wing behaviour. He started to run the show, and it left me talking to her not-hot friend and the guy. Later, he takes me aside, and says he thinks he and the girl have “chemistry”, at this point I’ve barely even spoken to her, he makes it clear he wants to game her. I told him he could do what he wanted, angry to be put in that position in the first place.

After this we all went for a pizza at the girl’s suggestion, Tim and the target were getting more flirty and I was really starting to lose my state. Angry that I had done the hard work, risk rejection and open her, and even more angry that one of my best friends would try and game the girl who I opened, when if it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t be sat there.

I couldn’t relax into the conversations, again my friend still leading it and I clammed up. I wasn’t willing to fight him for the girl as that puts her on a pedestal and would make me look like a douche. In the end, I made my excuses and left.

Here is my take:

1. Tim thought he could do daygame already, hence him not watching or opening any sets.

2. He was too anxious to open any sets but wanted to proof he could game, by gaming my target.

3.  He doesn’t have any abundance in his life, so he over values interactions with pretty girls.

4. He hasn’t been laid in several months, he gets a sniff of pussy and is willing to put his best friend to the sword.

Thing is, I know if he had abundance in his life with women he wouldn’t do this. I also realise I should have pulled him up straight away on his behaviour early as possible.

I also won’t do game with him again.


First 18 year old French girl lay

I have hooked one of my friends called Simon into doing some daygame, he was initially dreading it but he opened a few in Trafalgar Square one late afternoon after I pushed him into it. A few warm up sets then he got a couple of numbers. I opened a few too, got a couple of numbers too and we went off to a few bars for a debrief very happy.

We met another guy who does some game called Mark in the Punch and Judy for a beer, he opened 3 girls (one hot girl older, one average girl v-young, one fatty). All French and visiting London and quite bored, since Mark opened he got first choice and hooked with older hottie Frenchie, which left Simon and and me with the other two. Fatty was boring, and made it clear she had a boyfriend. Youngie  was the sister of the older Frenchie, she wearing a romper type suit which showed off her legs and her massive cleavage. She spoke little English and I wasn’t initially attracted to her, well, initially.

We agreed to wing Mark until he could isolate his girl, more beers flowed, we bounced to Dirty Martini cocktail bar. A few happy hour cocktails and I was starting to enjoy looking at this young lasses legs. We played the “Knocking game” and “Kill Fuck Marry”, Youngie indicated that I was her “Fuck”.  At this point Simon was sat next to her, me opposite, she was staring straight at me whilst she mouthed the word “Fuck”.

A streak of competition flowed, fuelled by Simon’s failing attempts to seduce her, her obvious horniness and my desire to see what was under the romper suit. Simon went to the toilet, I switched with him, chatted to her, escalated, then said I want to “show you this really cool thing outside”. I took her by the hand, dragged her outside and kissed her. It escalated very quickly, hands all over each other, she was clearly very very horny.

That left me with her, Mark with older Frenchie and Simon pissed that he was left with Fatty. He left shortly after, then the girls decided they had to go. At this point I thought I might have a fight on my hands to try and get mine back. No need for that, French girl suggested we go back to mine, cleared it with her sister and fatty and off we went in a taxi.

20 mins later, at mine, romper suit is off, no last minute resistance.