Month: October 2015

Setting up the first date

Some days you hit the streets and despite having a loaded gun there is just nothing to shoot at. Daygame this weekend gone was pretty terrible around central London for me, all the hot girls had been sucked up to some other place, or maybe they are all just got fat and ugly.

None the less, I got 5 numbers, couple I won’t text as they are 5/6’s and a lot less hot than either the Italian or the Bulgarian. The rest I’d bang but am not really prepared to put any substantial effort into it (3 girls). 1 English/Chinese 19, 1 American/Egyptian (early 20s) and 1 out and out American girl (early 20s).


Chinese 19 – like this in black leather bottoms

The two Americans I pushed quickly for the date (within 3 texts, see below).

My current text format is this:

Me: “Hi <nickname>, nice but random to meet you, Are you always so friendly to strangers? ūüėČ Cromlock”

Girl: “Do you meet many girls like this?” – Normally they ask if I meet many girls on the street – it’s predictable.

Me: “Only the cute ones, ūüėČ ps. are you a wine or cocktails girl?” – Date seed.

Girl:¬†“Blah, blah” – They normally say one or the other, or both or neither – doesn’t matter.

Me:¬†“Ok, I know a great bar, <wine/cocktails> <day1>/<day2> <time>? ;)” – I always give a choice of 2 days – and they are at least 2 days away.

Girl: “Confirm / No answer/ Refuse ”

They now have 3 options:


Me: “Lets’s meet at <venue> ps. Dress cute so we match ;)” – Confirm location. You have a date!

Girl: “Ok, see you there, I will dress cute!”


Wait until the day of the 2nd date option you gave them or day before and send them:

Me: “Too slow, snooze you lose, got other plans ;)” – then roll off for 3 days and re-engage.


Wait 3 days then re-engage, rinse-repeat until you are bored of texting them.


Yeah, boring, but it seems to work.



The wishy-washy date confirmation

Bulgarian has now decided to play silly buggers. She had a rant about me not confirming a date last week. I invited her out, she gave a wishy-washy answer, so I rolled off for 3 days and didn’t text her.

She texted me her rant. I then had a minor meltdown about it, thinking I’d fucked up. I got her back on track (I didn’t apologise) Just snipped and stacked into something else, and got a more sexual vibe going.

So I got a date organised¬†for next Tuesday, she texts back saying she will have to change to Monday or Wednesday. I said no problem, Monday 8pm (Nottinghill). She then refused the location… as it’s close to my flat (Sexy time location)

I told her “Look, I’m not gay” then I picked a different location,where I think I can bounce her back from. ¬†Maybe a mistake there, but I can’t be bothered to argue the toss about where we meet.

She then responds with “I’ve got a job interview (waitress) tomorrow, if i get it I may have to change days”. FFS!, I guarentee she will get it, as she is fucking cute.

So she’s set me up again with a wishy-washy answer and to be on tenterhooks if she gets the job and maybe not make the date. This shows she doesn’t value me or my¬†time at all, hot girls eh?!

My current options are:

  1. Get her to pre-empt new job asking her to work monday, by telling her to tell the new employer¬†that she can’t work Monday as she has an important appointment. If she was more onside, i’d go with this, but at the minute I know she won’t do it, she’ll accept the new work¬†and push me to another day.
  2. See what happens, if she changes, I accept the new date. I’m not sure I can do this, to protect my value. She’ll just assume she can cancel/change at any time in the future.
  3. See what happens, if she changes, I don’t accept the new date. Text: “no, busy ;)” then roll off.
  4. Text her her I’m unavailable rest of week, so if she can’t make Monday,… another time.
  5. Pre-emp her trying to change Monday by flaking before she does.

Thing is, it’s already over a week since I saw her, and I want to keep the connection alive.

So she knows I want to see her, and she thinks I want to see her more than she wants to see me. She’s using her pussy as the bargaining chip to walk all over my logistics planning. That’s the fucking problem right there.

The person with the power is the person that is ready to walk away first. I’ve already banged her, and I have some other leads so really I could just roll-off if she plays more silly buggers.

I’m gonna go with 3, I’ll wait to see if she cancels. Then I won’t accept the new date arrangement without her jumping through some hoop first. I gotta be more unavailable.









First handjob in posh bar toilet by 20 yr old Spanish Air Hostess!

What a day, actually opened only a few sets, but rolled around London. Hit some of the posher areas and even went into Harrods to do some game. Harrods was absolutely manic, and I wasn’t really feeling it.

Midday got the number for a cute Saudi/Lebanese girl, text her and tried to push for the evening date, but she didn’t seem up for it so rolled off. Then in a Cafe got the number for a cute blonde Russian girl (yet to tick that off) this was in a pret near Harrods, I was a bit nervous, so am hoping that it will come across as “genuine”. We’ll see if I can get her out. She’s an 8.5, and was really quite friendly.

This figure, face not as nice.

This figure, face not as nice.

I think that number pushed my state back up, I hit a massive downer before that and was struggling to open. After a sandwich with my wing I martialed my resources and we hit the streets again, by this time it was early evening. ¬†Almost immediately a two set of spanish looking girls (complete with map in hand) came towards us. She IOI’d me massively, I even turned to watch her and she turned too. ( I walked into an old couple).

I ran in, one was Italian and the other Spanish, they were visiting London for a few days and had just finished a day of site seeing. We bounced them to a bar for a cider, general chat, then I spiked and started poking her. She responded massively, my wing took his outside whilst she smoked. I then did the look into the eyes game for 10 seconds and don’t smile with mine, she loved it and I kissed her.

We bounced them to another bar, I pulled her in for a kiss on the way, more touching at the bar, then I pulled her downstairs to the toilet (there’s another bar downstairs, lets go for a quick drink there). I pulled her into the toilet, it was on immediately, pushed her against the wall, choked her ¬†a bit, tits out, cock out, she has rubbing it, but wouldn’t have sex as she was on her period… damn. She then jerked me off, it went all over her horse-riding boots (where did you park your horse in London?).. she spent 5 mins cleaning it off.

Back upstairs, more sex talk, about putting her naked in a cage, she’d had a threesomes too, with boys and girls.. Got the number and left them to go to Primark for last minute shopping, then they were going for dinner.

What a day!

Persistance vs Neediness

Pre-game I was persistent but in a needy way, over-investing in interactions and trying to entertain the girl. “why don’t you respond to my texts?”

Post game, when I realised that i was kinda OK with girls, my ego got a boost and I stopped being persistent, I was too good for them, so they didn’t deserve my attention.

“why should I text her again if she hasn’t bothered to reply”..

Both are not the most efficient way of getting girls, nowadays I’m being persistent without being needy. I’ve heard¬†accounts from girls about them sleeping with a guy just because he was¬†more persistent than her other suitors. The guy just wouldn’t give up, and got his reward. Hound that pussy!

So she doesn’t respond to your text?, who cares, you are not that special and neither is she. She takes an age to respond?, wait the same length of time and then respond. She doesn’t write much in her texts?, do the same. Mimic their style of text,
but keep pushing them down the road to the date.

Protecting your value should come 2nd to getting her out on a date, better to risk your ego being hit and investing a little in her by asking her out for a quick drink than not. All she can do is say no, or not respond, so then roll-off and re-engage a week or two later.

Keep going until she either blocks you, tells you to fuck off or stops replying completely.

Better to lose because you tried too hard than not trying hard enough.

First Bulgarian 20 yr old bang

About a month ago, I opened a girl sat on a bench waiting for the tube. I’d noticed her walk down the steps, very pretty in tight black jeans. It was my 2nd open, so I wasn’t really warmed up.

She was carrying a Sainsburys orange plastic back, I opened her with something about her very stylish expensive orange bag…


Bulgarian hot

Bulgarian hottie, like this.

Actually the whole set was pretty awkward, and I went away with the number but not much expectancy that she would get back to me.

1 hour later she’s sent me the ¬†text.. “I guess this is the guy from the tube”.

I did two dates with her before banging her on the third. 1st date I almost got her back to mine in a taxi, We were on the taxi back, she was a bit drunk, and I actually pulled back as I felt it wasn’t really on and I risked burning it down by over-escalating.

2nd date we did a couple of drinks in Nottinghill. I walked her back to my place. Took me 10 mins to get her in the door,

“Just come into the corridor, it’s cold out here, and dangerous”
“You may as well come up, I need to charge my phone, we’re not having sex”

She came in, lots of kissing, but she wouldn’t take her shoes off.
Got her tits out and some over jeans pussy rubbing, but she seemed determined not to bang.

Third date we went near her place, two drinks in cocktail bar. She didn’t like the bar I told her “I don’t care, I like it, it’s my kinda place”.

I also didn’t fill any of the silences, waited for her to speak. I went immediately sexual asking what colour her panties were.

After the drinks, I pulled her to a local park, we kissed and ran around in the dark. I slapped her ass, poked her, kissed her and pushed her around.

I asked if she had anything to drink at hers, she said she did.. “Bulgarian tequilla”. I said lets go, I want to try it. We got¬†into a cab, we didn’t talk the whole way, held her hand and let the tension build. Lowered my voice tone and I shut up.

At hers, about 30 mins of “relax time”, I fractionated between being interested in her, and putting on music. Within 2 hours we were banging. No real LMR. Good sex..

I asked her when she had decided to fuck me, she said after the first date, but she wanted to make me wait to not appear easy. ūüėČ

Stats for summer

It’s been a while since I posted, my game has come on with a run of success, failures and stories:

Success (bangs):

  • 30 year old English girl (6)- met in a bar, 1st date bang.
  • 29 yr old English girl (6) – met her in Carnaby Street, 2nd date bang, she was anorexic thin.
  • 30 yr old Polish girl (6.5) – on her lunch break, 1st date bang, few repeats.
  • 19 year old Slovenian girl (virgin) (8) – caught her coming out of National Gallery, same day lay – went to Slovenian for a weekend to follow up.
  • 19 year old Ukrainian girl ¬†(7.5) – she IOI’d me in a park in KIev. First date laid her.
  • 27 year old Ukrainian girl (8) – last day of 4 day trip to Kiev. Another IOI, met her on the main street. Bounced her to a bar, a SDL and got anal.

Near miss:

  • 27 year old Latvian girl (6) on my bed after 1 date – down to her knickers. No bang. Couldn’t get her out again.
  • 25 year old Australian (5) girl on my bed after 1 date – no bang. Didn’t want to get her out again.
  • 20 ¬†year old Asian Californian (7.5)- kissed her on an insta-date at bar souk. She never got back to me.
  • 26 year old English girl (7) – kissed her on 2nd date, never got her out again.
  • Mid 20s – Canadian girl (7) – kiss – should have pulled the trigger, but cock-blocked by her friend.


  • 20 year old English dancer (7.5) – missed my chance to take her out before her boyfriend came back from America.
  • Mid-twenties Polish girl ¬†(7.5)- opened her twice same place – 1 month apart – very awkward. ūüėÄ
  • Mid-twenties Brazilian girl (6.5) – texting but never managed to get her out on a date, missed opportunity to see her at Notting hill carnival.
  • Early-twenties Lithuanian girl (8) – super hot, left to go home, never got her out.
  • 18 year old French girl (6.5) – met in bar, never replied, then she went back to France.
  • 20 year old Spanish girl (7) – got annoyed with her playing silly buggers about meeting, and told her to *shut up* – never heard from her since.


  • Handful of numbers from Kiev, texting me, including 1 virgin, (7.5 to 8 range)
  • 20 year old Bulgarian (8) – studying in London. (1 date + kiss, 2nd date confirmed)
  • 19 year old Italian (7.5) – working in London. (1 date + kiss, 2nd date confirmed)
  • 19 year old Italian (7) – working in London (1 date + kiss, no date booked yet)
  • 20 year old Brazilian (5.5) – kissed, has boyfriend in Brazil, maybe, but can’t be bothered.
  • 20 year old English (6.5) – lives in Cambridge, mild interest.
  • 27 year old Russian/Ukrainian (6.5) ¬†– some interest but of a career girl.


  • 22 year old Italian (8)

There are some good stories behind most of these which I’ll get around to writing about.

Greedy, want more.