Lay Reports

First Bulgarian 20 yr old bang

About a month ago, I opened a girl sat on a bench waiting for the tube. I’d noticed her walk down the steps, very pretty in tight black jeans. It was my 2nd open, so I wasn’t really warmed up.

She was carrying a Sainsburys orange plastic back, I opened her with something about her very stylish expensive orange bag…


Bulgarian hot

Bulgarian hottie, like this.

Actually the whole set was pretty awkward, and I went away with the number but not much expectancy that she would get back to me.

1 hour later she’s sent me the  text.. “I guess this is the guy from the tube”.

I did two dates with her before banging her on the third. 1st date I almost got her back to mine in a taxi, We were on the taxi back, she was a bit drunk, and I actually pulled back as I felt it wasn’t really on and I risked burning it down by over-escalating.

2nd date we did a couple of drinks in Nottinghill. I walked her back to my place. Took me 10 mins to get her in the door,

“Just come into the corridor, it’s cold out here, and dangerous”
“You may as well come up, I need to charge my phone, we’re not having sex”

She came in, lots of kissing, but she wouldn’t take her shoes off.
Got her tits out and some over jeans pussy rubbing, but she seemed determined not to bang.

Third date we went near her place, two drinks in cocktail bar. She didn’t like the bar I told her “I don’t care, I like it, it’s my kinda place”.

I also didn’t fill any of the silences, waited for her to speak. I went immediately sexual asking what colour her panties were.

After the drinks, I pulled her to a local park, we kissed and ran around in the dark. I slapped her ass, poked her, kissed her and pushed her around.

I asked if she had anything to drink at hers, she said she did.. “Bulgarian tequilla”. I said lets go, I want to try it. We got into a cab, we didn’t talk the whole way, held her hand and let the tension build. Lowered my voice tone and I shut up.

At hers, about 30 mins of “relax time”, I fractionated between being interested in her, and putting on music. Within 2 hours we were banging. No real LMR. Good sex..

I asked her when she had decided to fuck me, she said after the first date, but she wanted to make me wait to not appear easy. 😉


First 18 year old French girl lay

I have hooked one of my friends called Simon into doing some daygame, he was initially dreading it but he opened a few in Trafalgar Square one late afternoon after I pushed him into it. A few warm up sets then he got a couple of numbers. I opened a few too, got a couple of numbers too and we went off to a few bars for a debrief very happy.

We met another guy who does some game called Mark in the Punch and Judy for a beer, he opened 3 girls (one hot girl older, one average girl v-young, one fatty). All French and visiting London and quite bored, since Mark opened he got first choice and hooked with older hottie Frenchie, which left Simon and and me with the other two. Fatty was boring, and made it clear she had a boyfriend. Youngie  was the sister of the older Frenchie, she wearing a romper type suit which showed off her legs and her massive cleavage. She spoke little English and I wasn’t initially attracted to her, well, initially.

We agreed to wing Mark until he could isolate his girl, more beers flowed, we bounced to Dirty Martini cocktail bar. A few happy hour cocktails and I was starting to enjoy looking at this young lasses legs. We played the “Knocking game” and “Kill Fuck Marry”, Youngie indicated that I was her “Fuck”.  At this point Simon was sat next to her, me opposite, she was staring straight at me whilst she mouthed the word “Fuck”.

A streak of competition flowed, fuelled by Simon’s failing attempts to seduce her, her obvious horniness and my desire to see what was under the romper suit. Simon went to the toilet, I switched with him, chatted to her, escalated, then said I want to “show you this really cool thing outside”. I took her by the hand, dragged her outside and kissed her. It escalated very quickly, hands all over each other, she was clearly very very horny.

That left me with her, Mark with older Frenchie and Simon pissed that he was left with Fatty. He left shortly after, then the girls decided they had to go. At this point I thought I might have a fight on my hands to try and get mine back. No need for that, French girl suggested we go back to mine, cleared it with her sister and fatty and off we went in a taxi.

20 mins later, at mine, romper suit is off, no last minute resistance.



First Italian girl 2nd day bang

It’s a Friday night, I’m out in my local town having a beer with my old man before he returns back to contracting in the middle east. The pub I am in is a typical English small town affair, lots of drunk old fellas and English fatty women.

With my recent re-emergence into game, I’m back trying to eye-fuck every girl I get the DNA pang for. A two set of girls are acting a bit crazy, 7.5 and her mate, it’s seems obvious that they are screaming for some male attention. My old man goes to the loo, I see this as my opportunity to dive in, i push through my AA.

The 7.5 is Italian, as soon as I open my mouth to chat I can see her eyes sparkle, she is a “yes” girl. Just out of an 11 year relationship, visiting my home town on a work placement for 3 weeks. Cha-ching. I quickly number close and get back receiving life advice from my old man, that was almost too easy.

Girl beanie

Like this, 2 points less.

Day 1

I send a feeler text and organise to meet her in the week. She seems keen, so I run the three venue date model, we hit a couple of bars then a little restaurant for dessert. It all goes really easily, but I failed to plan my logistics. At this point in time I am seriously cock blocked as I am living in my family home before I go travelling. She mentions she has a house mate, so I assume I can just go back to hers should things go well and fuck her there.

I kiss her after the date, she’s getting pretty horny as I walk her home. Outside her house more tongue action ensues, I get a feel of her tits, she asks me to kiss her neck, she is making those little girly noises any red-blooded man likes to hear.  I start rubbing her tits and her pussy over her jeans.

Logistic failure kicks in, she can’t invite me in as it’s a family home, and she is renting a room. Fuck! (I’m going to Lanzarote the next day)

Day 2

I keep the texts pinging through my lay-less holiday. The day I return on my flight I get back late afternoon, she fires me a text in the evening.

“How would you like to pick me up from the train station?”

Immediately I go through the “White Knight vs. Alpha” internal debate, I decide since I haven’t been laid and due to the success of the previous date to reframe her text. I tell her am busy but I can maybe pick her up later but she has to bribe me with “cake”.  (I use cake a lot in my pickup, yet rarely ever eat it)

She is shit with logistics, she gives me the wrong train time (lucky i confirm the details and arrive when the train arrives, not the time she told me). I pick her up at the station it’s late (10:30pm), she is immediately friendly and touchy I can feel this is good. To build the rapport and comfort back up I take her to a little bar I know, we play Jenga and drink Guinness, she opens up more about her life, she used to be a life guard, everything just feels right.

She tries to kiss me in the pub, I back her off a bit and tell her to wait. I go a bit more sexual, slowing down the way I talk, looking into her eyes. The sexual tension ramps up, we are barely talking or playing Jenga. Conversation dries up, I take her outside, we go to my car and kiss more. I ramp it up back to the same point we had on the first date.

She suggests we find a quiet place in the country,  she is all over me for the next 10 minutes whilst I am desperately trying to recall any dark country lane I can take her down. I decide on somewhere I know. It’s pitch black when we arrive, the engine is off, we start undressing each other, things quickly progress and I bang her in my car with her ass setting off the car horn.