Patrice O’Neal wisdom


Some crib notes from  Patrice O’Neal:

To the girl:

“You look like your breath stinks”

“You sit on that hairy fish”

“You are not tuned into rejection from a man, on a daily basis”

Leather/fur shoes/boots – “Extinct animal shoes?”

She mentions money – “What is this an american express commercial?”

“I know what this is, it’s very cute”

“I like how mad you are getting”


Lessons to learn:

“Get used to animosity”

“Tease her – turn hate into love”

“I don’t hang out with any dudes that can’t get pussy”


After a tease:

“It’s like when you are a kid and you punch the girl you like in the arm, I just didn’t know what to say, because you are cute.”


About sex/pussy:

“It’s like food, we need to eat, but it ain’t necessarily delicious”

“If she’s not giving it to you don’t want it”


About women:

“Women don’t wanna lead – what suggestion do they have, about anything?”

“Good soldiers, not good generals”

“They are not your friends, women looks at a guy to lead them, want to be led by a guy who can lead – or will disrespect him”

“Women need emotions to function – they feed off of that”

“Women arbitrarily say things they feel”

“Stop being a victim”

“Women are never attracted to man that’s not better than her”

“Whatever she’s “better” as – is what she’s attracted to”




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