About me

I am early 30s ex-serial monogamist, I discovered traditional mystery method game in my mid-20s (Neil Strauss’s seminal work – “The Game”) and it changed my life.

I had my first beautiful girlfriend from strategies straight out of that book (Thumb wars, stealing chairs and cold reading anyone had a time and place). Game also opened my eyes to social dynamics, how you can leverage situations to your advantage and get what you want out of life.

I am 8 girlfriends on with numerous dalliances in between, I considered myself intermediate with a shit load still to learn.

I now identify mostly with the ideas put forward from the manosphere red-pill takers.





  1. Hey Cromlock! Nice blog

    Just wondering if you could tell me how’s the scene in London; I’m looking for some guys interested in game to keep learning…
    I’ll be around soon and would enjoy insider info of which groups to go… (E-mail me.

  2. Hiya Cromlock,

    I’ve recently moved to London from New Zealand. Would you mind letting me know where are the best spots for daygame? I stay East at Bethnal Green and it seems like a nightmare trying to take girls from where you game back to where I live, from my initial look into this. Also, let me know if you want to link up at some point. I have 7 years in the game, 50+ lays (mostly from daygame) and have done this shit around middle/east Europe.


    [Hey, welcome to London and thanks for reading, I now blog as Vaughn on Citydaygame.com, I’ll fire you an email]

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