Month: February 2015

Think i just saw you…

Text this to your hareem.

Are you still in (your city).. think i just saw you. Wait for the response.. then send this.

this is you

Opps. No sorry just looked like you. ūüėÄ


Sorry, but I didn’t enjoy it

I am back from my first trip to Poland, 2 days and nights in the University city of Poznan. I like it there, the place has character, taxi drivers look so old that they could die at the wheel any minute, the cute¬†girls have “busted dudes” on their arms, ¬†everything is cheap and almost all girls are thin and quite fashionable. ¬†Maybe I was lucky this trip but I’m not buying into Poland becoming a paradise lost for PUA’s yet.

The purpose of the trip at least in my head was to do some day game, my first proper openers in a foreign city. I will put it straight, we didn’t open a single girl in the day, instead, relying entirely on night game. We trawled the bars around the central square in the evenings and generally did what all young men do in a foreign country, drink beer and hit on women.

I caught a cold and was suffering, but we headed out to the town square in the evening, one great bar has “vodka” in it’s name, there are two of them in Poznan. We headed to one, logistically it seemed quite good, there is a long bar where almost everyone stands and it was busy. Immediately my friend opens a cute girl, she shoots him down. He comes back, gets his watch out, and declares within a minute that I have to go open. I open a cute girl stood near the door, it’s going well and she’s responding well. I eject early, happy just to get a good interaction done. We head to more bars, more beers, some success, some failures, but we never truly push it. Although both my friends number close. (2 numbers to one guy, 1 to another and 0 to me).

Following night is valentines night, apparently a bad night to go out, but one where you can guarantee all girls are single if they are on their own. My cold has fully kicked in, my throat is sore and I’m feeling rough from the hangover. Nothing to do but suck it up, drink more and head out again, I dress smarter this time, I automatically sense more IOIs and my “Spanish/Italian” look seems to draw some attention. I don’t look like the locals for sure.

I get hit on by a drunk Polish girl ¬†she tells me that “I don’t like her”, I realise if I wanted I could push her into a taxi and head home. She meets my quality threshold (just) but I just don’t want her. Open more girls, then we head to a bar, we get seated and we are joking with the bar girl and other girls seated on the other stools.

Two young looking Polish girls come in, one (the cute one, blonde hair, slight figure, very pretty) takes the¬†stool next to me. I grab some cardboards heart off the counter and “present my undying love” for her, do the same to her friend then segue into “where are their dates”. (they had been to the movies to see 50 Shades, no boyfriends). She shit tests me about my age, I tell her she’s too young for me. All standard disqualification, push-pull, I build in some comfort. She’s laughing and qualifying herself, she likes my shoes, etc, etc.

Like this, girl next door

All good, until my friends want to go (they think I am wasting too much time on her). Thing is, she seems very “yes” girl, a bit young / good girl, but she is definitely falling for me. I get her number, but I want more, we’d been having casual touching, grabbed her arm, hand on thigh etc. I decide to isolate her, I drag her outside under the guise of “showing her this one cool thing”. She’s says she know almost all of Poznan so she’s probably seen it, then I kiss her outside, she seems into it. We kiss a few more times then head back inside, and we agree to meet later at a club.

She never shows up, I’m not too bothered, happy with kissing a girl who is 20, a full 15 years younger than me. And happy to put into practice the lessons I’m learning from Krauser’s book¬†on day game. Don’t wait for “Green” light, go on “Amber”. This the youngest, hottest girl so far I have kissed, plus I’ve also got further than either of my other two friends, and with a hotter girl. I also fully expect to try and “long game” her and head back in a few weeks, so I’m pretty happy.

Not the best weekend, but pretty positive overall, I have her whatsapp, so I wait a day and fire her a text:


CL: Innocent Englishman being taken advantage of by a polish dental student

CL: And I thought you were a good girl

Her: Advantage? hmm, at one moment, I felt not so comfortable.

Her: But the rest of the time was fantastic ūüôā

CL: yeah I had a great time with you too

Her: I think that is the first time I was open-minded for a foreigner

CL: I never kissed a polish girl before

Her: Sorry, but I didn’t enjoy it

You will notice that my responses are not exactly Alpha, I backed off from cocky/assuming the sale and tried to figure out if she was serious and what that meant. My read is she was serious, she likes me a lot (she’s still texting now) but that I did not build enough comfort and going for the kiss was a step too far (or I’m a bad kisser).

The thing that annoyed me the most was that this shocked me, I should know by now that women are a force unto themselves, I was genuinely surprised that there had been any negativity in the interaction at all. I tell my friends, and ask them their opinion, they’d been there and seen us both come back. One said she looked a bit flustered but that was it.

She obviously needs some placation from my part, I refuse to apologise to women on principle, but in this case I realise that she needed me to understand her “uncomfortableness” I texted back:

CL: “yeah, I probably should have been more careful, I was comfortable around you”

She replies she agrees, and the conversation has been going okay since, thing is, I really want to sleep with her. I’m starting to realise that I don’t know how to game “good girls” it seems harder than more socially savvy ones, because the hardest shit tests seem to be the ones where the girls are showing some genuine honesty.