Free money

I live in London and my journey to unplug from the matrix continues.

Over the Christmas period and  festive season I went back to my family home in a small market town in rural England. As a child and teenager I collected a lot of things, boxes and boxes of these things are still sat in the loft of my family home gathering dust and decaying (even plastic has a shelve life)

I collected Starwars in the 1980’s and early 1990s  along with anything toy collectable (yeah I was a nerd). It all got boxed up and hidden away when I moved away to university and discovered girls and boozing.

So in between eating, drinking and being merry, I headed to the loft and unboxed all those things which are now called vintage toys (25 year old science fiction figures and space ships). Memories came rushing back of the weekends as a youth I spent at sales and swap-meets digging though boxes of junk looking for collectable toys. Even back then it was known that they were worth a little money, and at the time I had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Star wars. I could spot a plastic weapon and tell you which figure it came from, or which was the rarest variation of a toy and why. I also had plenty of free time and was obsessed, completely obsessed with collecting.

Rush forward 20 years and it’s time to reap the rewards of my childhood self. It’s like suddenly cashing in my youthful knowledge, time and pocket-money investments.  My last 31 days sales are below. That’s £1,222 (minus ebay and pay pal fees 15%)

Paypal sales


The other advantage to selling, is that it puts you in the entrepreneurial mind-set. You are forced to check prices, and calculate shipping and fees, you also gain skills in writing good product descriptions and have to deal with client queries. All essential skills for running your own business.

I’m about one box down, with several more to go, so I estimate another couple of thousand pounds at least. I also repaired, cleaned, advertised and sold my car for £1,750 (an old Audi A4) and that combined with Christmas and Birthday presents (money) comes to a grand total of around £3,000.

Not a bad return for the holiday period.