Month: June 2015

*I’ve got a boyfriend*

Another full day of daygame yesterday, started around Seven dials then moved down towards Covent Garden and Oxford Circus, no Trafalgar Square this time. Opened 25 sets, most of them I got the BF line with, but some really very positive responses and enjoyable interactions.

I got 2 numbers, I know I could have pushed to close for more numbers. I thought both number closes were pretty solid with an interaction of around 10 mins, an English girl (late 20s) and an Italian girl (early 20s). They were also the sets that I thought ran the smoothest.

I “made the day” of at least 4 girls who actively told me that, one even grabbed me and hugged me as she left to go get her flight back to Germany. It was a day of firsts, first time I opened a girl who was in running gear (10 min interactions, with her eventually telling me about her bf that she lives with), and first time I got off a train with a girl on purpose to open her on the station platform, even though it wasn’t my stop. (Again she had a boyfriend)

Moving on to texting, I realised (by accident) that I had been texting the wrong girl. So the super hot Californian I’d thought I’d been texting was a girl who I met on the same day but did’t fancy much. Anyway the unintentional push seemed to work (2.5 days later) I text her and get an immediate reply. She even immediately went overtly sexual, see here:

First offence?

First offence?

Also, a plate is about to fall of the radar:


Check the time, I think she was drunk, actually I was very honest with her and had already given her the “talk” about not wanting anything serious…


25 Approaches

2 Numbers

0 Dates


Full day today

30 opens today, and a shit load of mixed responses. My ego took a battering, but managed to push through and hit “state”. 2 solid numbers, but not the quality I would go for normally, one an Australian 19 year old, and one early 20’s Slovakian singer. I’m actually not really bothered about either as I believe my SMV is higher than both.

I also realised my work rate is sub par, met up with a wing and a daygamer who has been doing it for 2+ years. One of the main things I noticed was that his work rate was at least 50% above mine. He opens girls and really takes every advantage he can, every possible set he can open, he will.

My stop also isn’t good enough, I don’t use my hands enough. To really get them to stop, I also ran out of things to say a few times, and went into boring hairdresser question mode. He also demo’d some of his text game to me, and frankly mine is a bit shit, so I need to work on that.

A good day though, I really pushed it, from 2pm until 10pm. 8 hours. yeah.

First solo Daygame Insta-date and kiss with cute 23 californian girl

It’s Friday night, I’m gamed out. It’s been a long week of running around London talking to chicks. Not exactly player behaviour but I cancelled my regular girl and am having a night in, some dinner, a cup of tea and a good movie.

I took some time yesterday to re-evaluate my look and style. Typed *bad boy style* into google, picked some of the looks and went to Westfield shopping centre to buy a new daygame uniform. New look is slim fit black jeans, black suede brogues, white t-shirt, grey denim over shirt, thumb ring and black leather wrist bracelet.

I made sure everything fit really well, I already noticed a load more IOIs on the street. Result.

So all kitted up, I met my wing midday at Trafalgar square, I opened 3 sets, 2 numbers closes, 1 American, 1 Australian. Not a bad start, then got side-lined, because my wing had organised to meet one of his friends who was visiting London for the day. We went for 2 beers, then off my wing went to get a train.

Two beers down, a little high on the previous success, I went back solo to Trafalgar square grabbed a coffee to sober up, ate a sandwich and then sat and took in the vibe. I hadn’t really done any solo game, I’d always had a wing around so without that crutch things seemed much tougher.

Took a deep breathe and plunged in, spotted one cute Arabic girl, opened, compliment, she stopped, said thanks and walked on. Not bad, but not great.

Walked on up toward Cov Garden, a super cute Asian girl in a lovely short skirt and tight top showing her midriff strode by across the road. I was instantly taken (she got my blood stirring), so I ran in front of her and stopped her.

Like this, longer hair.

Like this, longer hair.

Big smile, I accused her of being too exotic for London. She loved it, hooked and we chatted. She is Half Korean / half American with a lovely Californian twang. She is 23 and was studying here in London for 2 months, with 2 more to go.

She wanted to get away from her room mates in her dorm and was en route to the National Gallery for a little culture. 5 minutes of chatting, she is still stood in front of me. We talk about yoga and other Californian stereotypes, surfing and Hollywood. She’s twiddling her hair, it’s on.

I suggest a coffee, she initially *rain-checks* it, I ignore and plough. It then starts to rain a small amount, she says, yeah OK why not lets grab a coffee. I take her to Pret, we drink iced lattes.

She opens up a bit about her life, wants to know about English culture, we talk about accents, English words and the difference between American and English guys. She talks about her frat house, I accuse of her wanted to have sex with Storm troopers from Starwars / and being obsessed with My Little Pony (Brony – look it up – it’s weird).

We finish up, its around 4:30pm, she has to go to a friends birthday party later but she has a few hours. I take her to Cov Garden, we wander around and look at the stalls selling Banksy prints, she doesn’t know who Banksy is. I accuse her of being uncultural, we talk about being Posh in England, and she decides it means in American speak to be sassy.

I bounce her to 7 dials area, and then souk medina for a glass of wine, more comfort, more talk about family. Then we play the questions game, earliest memory, first kiss, bad dates, good dates, last time she was kissed etc..

Of course she fires me the same questions back, we connect.. there are pauses. I’ve touched her arm, her leg, held her hand by this point. I look into her eyes then down at her mouth. I pull her to me and kiss her. It’s a pretty tender kiss, she’s very sexy.

She says “I love your confidence”. We get another drink, then there is more making out. She doesn’t want to leave, but her friend calls asking where she is.

I already made her an hour late for the party, the bubble is bursting so I walk her to the tube and wish her a great evening I point to police station and tell her, if she ends up in there that I won’t bail her out, so she should be a good girl.

A really great afternoon with a really fun and attractive girl. The power of daygame is crazy.