Month: March 2015

Beta Pussy Level (BPL) 9.5

Follow ups from my current leads:

Japanese girl 

Texted her, no reply, I could tell she didn’t hook during the open, but fired a message anyway. No sushi for me.

Slovak girl 

She cancelled our date on Wed, after I sent her a text clarifying that we will meet at 730 and she “should wear something cute”  – that’s a line straight out of Daygame Mastery (thanks Krauser).

Slovak responded having to work then going to a leaving drinks party, she didn’t offer an alternative. Genuine excuse, maybe, I didn’t bother replying. Then an hour later she followed up with a non-related text. It’s a fine line to tread between  nonbutthurtness and punishing the girl for bad behaviour.

Roosh advocates that calling a girl out on her bullshit before you bang her is likely to result in no bang. She will hamsterise your behaviour as weird rather than rationalise that she is acting like a spoilt bitch and that she deserved the telling off. At this stage it’s probably better to re-engage  Slovak in a couple of days and get her locked down to date rather than go beast-mode on her.


Beta Pussy level 9.5 was reached when a girl (hot blonde) gave me strong eye contact at lunch and I let her float past. She was hotter than either the Slovak or Jap but my mouth refused to open.


Fucking determined to open a girl on my walk home, one girl past, another, another, another.. 30 minute walk later, I was almost at my door, the impending failure of my enforced action was imminent, then I spotted a cute girl finishing up her jog. I crossed the road and engaged her in a 5 min conversation, victory and buzzed. I also then went to muay thai training… fuck yeah.

Actions for tomorrow

Lifting weights, and one approach on my lunch break. I can predict the avoidance weasel already, I am supposed to be at lunch with my work buddies.

Little bastard, he stops you getting laid.

Little bastard, he stops you getting laid.

To fuck the avoidance weasel in the the ass I will have to cut the lunch short, leave early and get my approach done.


London states of whatever

Stats for the last week:


2 spanish girls – Boyfriend line

1 polish (v -hot)  – FB close

1 south american – Zip


2 swedish girls – managed to get them back to my place in Nottinghill.  – BF line – no action


Double date with Slovak girl – kissed her, progressing to 2nd date.


2 girls- kept walking

2 set Taiwanese –  5 min chat then they went to see a show.

1 Japanese girl – about to chat to her, she went into a Asian food store, I picked up a  product asked her about it, number closed her.

Like this bit without the rack.

Like this but without the rack.

Overall, not a bad week, but Wednesday to Friday were all night game, with only Sunday being day game.

Positives were, 2 Swedish girls in my flat, I am back on daygaming and I kissed the cute Slovak who I really want to bang.

Negatives, today was tough, super tough, felt completely without “state” and it’s only when I number closed the Japanese girl that I started to feel that social vibe. I’d like to blame it on a week of too much alcohol, but actually I think it comes down to a lack of confidence and entitlement.

I reread the post by Krauser about state, and will incorporate that into my game for the coming week. Also this week I plan to get some daygame in early by using my lunch hour, perhaps the hour time constraint will force me into being more efficient.

Trade off

Ideally I’d work two days a week and have 5 days off to pursue my own interests. At the minute I’m working on a means to earn a passive income, I’m exploring buying / selling on third-party platforms (Amazon / Ebay) whilst holding down a 5 day a week job as an IT contractor. 95% of my income comes from my work, the rest from the buying / selling.

In wage terms, I’ve never had it so good, I’m being paid the most money I ever have and doing the least amount of work for it. Thing is, I’m bored, the work has dried up, but they keep extending my contract due to inefficiencies in management and a fear that if I leave and something goes wrong, then they would be in the shit with the client.

So without fail on a monthly basis, my recruiter calls me and tells me the company wants to extend my contract for another month and without fail I wish he wouldn’t. I now have a little nest egg stashed away, money isn’t an issue, I don’t have any expenses, mortgage, car or children.

I’m trading off my time earning versus hitting the day game hard and working out. Ideally I want to spend one third of my free time working out, one third running game and the final third working on business ideas of my own.

Before my latest contract extension, I’d decided on doing one month 10 sets per day minimum to get some real exposure to day game. I’ve had some success with it, but I want to see how far I can push it. Next extension is my last.