Setting up the first date

Some days you hit the streets and despite having a loaded gun there is just nothing to shoot at. Daygame this weekend gone was pretty terrible around central London for me, all the hot girls had been sucked up to some other place, or maybe they are all just got fat and ugly.

None the less, I got 5 numbers, couple I won’t text as they are 5/6’s and a lot less hot than either the Italian or the Bulgarian. The rest I’d bang but am not really prepared to put any substantial effort into it (3 girls). 1 English/Chinese 19, 1 American/Egyptian (early 20s) and 1 out and out American girl (early 20s).


Chinese 19 – like this in black leather bottoms

The two Americans I pushed quickly for the date (within 3 texts, see below).

My current text format is this:

Me: “Hi <nickname>, nice but random to meet you, Are you always so friendly to strangers? ūüėČ Cromlock”

Girl: “Do you meet many girls like this?” – Normally they ask if I meet many girls on the street – it’s predictable.

Me: “Only the cute ones, ūüėČ ps. are you a wine or cocktails girl?” – Date seed.

Girl:¬†“Blah, blah” – They normally say one or the other, or both or neither – doesn’t matter.

Me:¬†“Ok, I know a great bar, <wine/cocktails> <day1>/<day2> <time>? ;)” – I always give a choice of 2 days – and they are at least 2 days away.

Girl: “Confirm / No answer/ Refuse ”

They now have 3 options:


Me: “Lets’s meet at <venue> ps. Dress cute so we match ;)” – Confirm location. You have a date!

Girl: “Ok, see you there, I will dress cute!”


Wait until the day of the 2nd date option you gave them or day before and send them:

Me: “Too slow, snooze you lose, got other plans ;)” – then roll off for 3 days and re-engage.


Wait 3 days then re-engage, rinse-repeat until you are bored of texting them.


Yeah, boring, but it seems to work.



The wishy-washy date confirmation

Bulgarian has now decided to play silly buggers. She had a rant about me not confirming a date last week. I invited her out, she gave a wishy-washy answer, so I rolled off for 3 days and didn’t text her.

She texted me her rant. I then had a minor meltdown about it, thinking I’d fucked up. I got her back on track (I didn’t apologise) Just snipped and stacked into something else, and got a more sexual vibe going.

So I got a date organised¬†for next Tuesday, she texts back saying she will have to change to Monday or Wednesday. I said no problem, Monday 8pm (Nottinghill). She then refused the location… as it’s close to my flat (Sexy time location)

I told her “Look, I’m not gay” then I picked a different location,where I think I can bounce her back from. ¬†Maybe a mistake there, but I can’t be bothered to argue the toss about where we meet.

She then responds with “I’ve got a job interview (waitress) tomorrow, if i get it I may have to change days”. FFS!, I guarentee she will get it, as she is fucking cute.

So she’s set me up again with a wishy-washy answer and to be on tenterhooks if she gets the job and maybe not make the date. This shows she doesn’t value me or my¬†time at all, hot girls eh?!

My current options are:

  1. Get her to pre-empt new job asking her to work monday, by telling her to tell the new employer¬†that she can’t work Monday as she has an important appointment. If she was more onside, i’d go with this, but at the minute I know she won’t do it, she’ll accept the new work¬†and push me to another day.
  2. See what happens, if she changes, I accept the new date. I’m not sure I can do this, to protect my value. She’ll just assume she can cancel/change at any time in the future.
  3. See what happens, if she changes, I don’t accept the new date. Text: “no, busy ;)” then roll off.
  4. Text her her I’m unavailable rest of week, so if she can’t make Monday,… another time.
  5. Pre-emp her trying to change Monday by flaking before she does.

Thing is, it’s already over a week since I saw her, and I want to keep the connection alive.

So she knows I want to see her, and she thinks I want to see her more than she wants to see me. She’s using her pussy as the bargaining chip to walk all over my logistics planning. That’s the fucking problem right there.

The person with the power is the person that is ready to walk away first. I’ve already banged her, and I have some other leads so really I could just roll-off if she plays more silly buggers.

I’m gonna go with 3, I’ll wait to see if she cancels. Then I won’t accept the new date arrangement without her jumping through some hoop first. I gotta be more unavailable.









*I’ve got a boyfriend*

Another full day of daygame yesterday, started around Seven dials then moved down towards Covent Garden and Oxford Circus, no Trafalgar Square this time. Opened 25 sets, most of them I got the BF line with, but some really very positive responses and enjoyable interactions.

I got 2 numbers, I know I could have pushed to close for more numbers. I thought both number closes were pretty solid with an interaction of around 10 mins, an English girl (late 20s) and an Italian girl (early 20s). They were also the sets that I thought ran the smoothest.

I “made the day” of at least 4 girls who actively told me that, one even grabbed me and hugged me as she left to go get her flight back to Germany. It was a day of firsts, first time I opened a girl who was in running gear (10 min interactions, with her eventually telling me about her bf that she lives with), and first time I got off a train with a girl on purpose to open her on the station platform, even though it wasn’t my stop. (Again she had a boyfriend)

Moving on to texting, I realised (by accident) that I had been texting the wrong girl. So the super hot Californian I’d thought I’d been texting was a girl who I met on the same day but did’t fancy much. Anyway the unintentional push seemed to work (2.5 days later) I text her and get an immediate reply. She even immediately went overtly sexual, see here:

First offence?

First offence?

Also, a plate is about to fall of the radar:


Check the time, I think she was drunk, actually I was very honest with her and had already given her the “talk” about not wanting anything serious…


25 Approaches

2 Numbers

0 Dates