Pickup Tips

Setting up the first date

Some days you hit the streets and despite having a loaded gun there is just nothing to shoot at. Daygame this weekend gone was pretty terrible around central London for me, all the hot girls had been sucked up to some other place, or maybe they are all just got fat and ugly.

None the less, I got 5 numbers, couple I won’t text as they are 5/6’s and a lot less hot than either the Italian or the Bulgarian. The rest I’d bang but am not really prepared to put any substantial effort into it (3 girls). 1 English/Chinese 19, 1 American/Egyptian (early 20s) and 1 out and out American girl (early 20s).


Chinese 19 – like this in black leather bottoms

The two Americans I pushed quickly for the date (within 3 texts, see below).

My current text format is this:

Me: “Hi <nickname>, nice but random to meet you, Are you always so friendly to strangers? ūüėČ Cromlock”

Girl: “Do you meet many girls like this?” – Normally they ask if I meet many girls on the street – it’s predictable.

Me: “Only the cute ones, ūüėČ ps. are you a wine or cocktails girl?” – Date seed.

Girl:¬†“Blah, blah” – They normally say one or the other, or both or neither – doesn’t matter.

Me:¬†“Ok, I know a great bar, <wine/cocktails> <day1>/<day2> <time>? ;)” – I always give a choice of 2 days – and they are at least 2 days away.

Girl: “Confirm / No answer/ Refuse ”

They now have 3 options:


Me: “Lets’s meet at <venue> ps. Dress cute so we match ;)” – Confirm location. You have a date!

Girl: “Ok, see you there, I will dress cute!”


Wait until the day of the 2nd date option you gave them or day before and send them:

Me: “Too slow, snooze you lose, got other plans ;)” – then roll off for 3 days and re-engage.


Wait 3 days then re-engage, rinse-repeat until you are bored of texting them.


Yeah, boring, but it seems to work.



Lost your vagina?!

“Ladies, how would you keep your man if you lost your vagina?,”

O’Neal would ask of his audience. When the women would invariably reference oral and anal sex, the comedian would respond:

“See, I gave you the chance to talk and you qualified yourself as a series of holes.”



Hotness expiration date

‚ÄúGirls are like cartons of milk. Each one has a hotness expiration date and you’ve hit yours. I’m not saying the occasional guy won’t still go to the fridge, open you up, take a sniff, shrug and take a sip anyway: but it’s all downhill from here.‚ÄĚ

5 Lessons I learned from 1 month of daygame in London

London, yes it’s cold wet and expensive, but seriously.. the young hot women.

London - successful use of lolly pop game.

London – successful employment¬†of “lolly pop” game.

My¬†Unplugging from the matrix¬† continues, I now live in the capital. I’m contracting in IT during the week, every weekend from 1pm until early evening I roll around London trying to pick-up chicks on the street. At the moment I average between 3 and 10 sets per day, this doesn’t sound much I know (you go try it), the whole thing is mentally strenuous at least for a beginner, but these are the things I have so far learned:

1. It’s difficult (at least at first)

First lesson is, it’s hard, very hard to put yourself out there going direct, overcoming approach anxiety and talking to girls on the street. ¬†My first set took me almost 2 hours to build up to, I finally approached and I was a nervous wreck. The¬†number close came, I fully expected it to flake, and guess what, it did.

However, once past the first couple of approaches, the whole thing gets way easier. The adrenaline and buzz from taking action that most men are scared to do sober is truly amazing.

2. Flakes levels are high

Grabbing numbers count for shit when trying to get a lay. I’d say 30 – 50% time I’d get a number after an approach, and out of those maybe every 7 numbers I converted to a¬†date.

Once you “fall off the radar” with a girl you may as well just delete her¬†number and move on. Saying that, I did get some very positive results for the few dates that I actually went on. I would¬†not have had those results without daygame.

3. Logistics matter

The biggest barrier from the street to a lay once the girl is on board was competing logistics. If you have a day job, a social life, gym etc.. fitting in dates with multiple women starts to become a problem.

I cock-blocked myself when a lay was on because I already had a girl at mine and had no where to go with a receptive French girl who was looking to hook up. The problems of being a player.

4. Target selection is paramount

Generally speaking (although not always) girls receptive to your lothario ways already look like they want you to approach them. The only really major bad blow-out ego hits I had were with girls who looked like bitches or who looked like they that had to be somewhere and were walking fast.

5. Same Day Lays (SDLs) are possible

Day 2 of my daygame adventure I hooked after about 10 sets with a 22 year old Italian girl (I am 13 years her senior). If that’s not a ringing endorsement that this shit works I don’t know what is.

It just worked, I didn’t do anything special, we seemed to click and I just kept pushing. She ended back in my room.. “we can’t have sex”.. well 20 mins later…



Tom Torero Book Launch

I had¬†a free Friday evening so thought that I’d check out the book launch for Tom Torero of Daygame.com.

After reserving my seat I headed down to Marble Arch in London. For some reason the pressure of attending a pick-up event brought out the need to open a set on the way down. I had great eye contact from a girl, she even came and stood in front of me on the tube, but my AA kicked in.

My vibe was completely shot to pieces as I hadn’t really communicated with any one all day, instead making it part way through the 3rd season of Battlestar Galatica (Caprica 6 anyone?) and working on a website.¬†So needless to say I didn’t open, yeah I regret that now.

Caprica 6

Caprica 6- Definitely my type

The event itself was pretty good, it’s obvious that both Tom Torero and Nick Krauser have their shit sorted. Nick does still look¬†a bit “old-school pua” with multiple rings and accessories, I was impressed with his boots, metal edged bronze toe-caps.


Krauser – Not my type

The first half was Nick explaining how to maintain a European Harem ( Har-M in his term-of-speak) using a football analogy. I have no fucking idea about football, essentially it boiled down to:

  1. There are some girls into you and you are into them, they will stick around for a long time and you can fuck them. (inner circle, Ryan Giggs)
  2. There are others who come and go, you fuck them, but they are less into you. (less reliable, Striker)
  3. These girls are players (football not pickup) and are on rotation, there will be some attrition, but they will come and go in your life, you need to maintain them.
  4. You should take cheap flights to European cities, number farm through day game, get some options, get dates.
  5. Game them in their own city, then come back and long game them, you probably wont get the lay on your first visit, the second visit lay is more likely.
  6. Using some easy techniques you can make them stick around longer than they would do normally.
  7. You fulfil the role of the “pool boy”, you are “r-selected”, you are completely different world to her life.
  8. You are not the provider or boyfriend, you are a conduit to a different life.
  9. She doesn’t want to be rescued, she has a good life, you are her cool London guy (different to everyone else in her life)
  10. You add something to her life she doesn’t have, you are not white-knighting or rescuing her.
  11. 3 pillars of this game (as I recall) adventure, comfort and discretion.
  12. To maintain the harem: ping girls short texts: “I am at my brothers, wrestling my nephew”, “I saw a girl who looked like you, she was upset because she lost her ice cream”
  13. Every two weeks or so for a couple of hours, have a longer conversation where you talk about “normal shit”, girls want emotion and comfort, you let her offload her baggage.
  14. Be discreet, you are her dirty little secret, never “like” her photos or comment directly on her facebook only contact her via private message.

All of this was hitting home, all I could think of was shit, I’m doing it wrong with all the potentials I have on Facebook, girls I’ve met,¬†but have written off for some reason (like I don’t live near them). This is gonna queue a whole string of feeler pings to girls on Facebook, I’m not maintaining my Har-M!

Then the further realisation, I had wanted a way to keep it touch with the¬†Italian girl I fucked recently. I¬†hadn’t known how to go about it (she was moving to the Netherlands), I now have my strategy.

Tom Torero

Tom Torero

After Krauser, Tom rolled in. He chatted about unplugging from the matrix and read aloud the last pages of  his new book. He put daygame into the context of a wider strategy for happiness. He made it clear that should you unplug, then you still need something else to plug into (projects),

I suppose it runs analogous¬†with “game proper” you shouldn’t remove your he-plug from her she-socket without having alternative she-sockets, or preferably a she-adaptor with multiple she-sockets.

Tom then went into detail for how brutal daygame can be, especially¬†in a foreign country and especially if you are on your own, the “dark nights of the soul”.

You should recognise what’s holding you back from living the life you want, because¬†having an explicit recognisation of this allows you to work through it. For Tom it seemed that it was family stuff, it seemed obvious¬†that there was a lot more to it than his folks not wanting him to piss off around the world, probably someone he feels he has to be around to support. For me this resounded true as well.

I’d put off buying the ticket for my four month trip to South East Asia since leaving my job. Multiple reasons, “I wasn’t in good enough shape”, “I still had stuff to sell”,¬†I also had my own family reasons for not leaving, these are the excuse weasels stopping us, anyway, thankfully I have overcome them. (I leave for Singapore in a week for four months travel)

Sell everything, Tom emptied out his travel bag which contained fuck all apart from a laptop, “a pack of essentials” which I assumed was a family¬†pack of condoms, a passport and the clothes he was wearing. We don’t need all the shit that we collect and it holds us back adding clutter to our lives, physically and mentally.

For a book launch the whole thing was pretty low key, they didn’t even have copies of either Nick’s or Tom’s books to buy, which I think¬†was a bit of a failure on their part, looking round the room I could see plenty of budding daygamers willing to spend their hard-earned greenbacks¬†on the book, sadly none to buy, disappointing (we were told there would be no books to buy, but still..).

There was a question and answer bit, a few good questions, but a lot of questions revealed more about some in the audience, showing that they just “didn’t get it” and to my mind probably never would.

I asked Nick a question about “Rejection and how he copes with it”, it was the first thing that came to mind, this isn’t really a sticking point for me,¬†I just wanted to ask him something. He got me to qualify how much day game I had done, “none”, how long I had been doing game of anyl types, i said “5 years”, plucked it from the air, how many sets I had opened, “100” plucked again, but I guess¬†it could be rough estimate, as in the past 5 years I have mostly been in LTRs.

He told me I was at the beginning of my daygame journey and that rejection still hurts, but lessens with time, and that you need to go through a thousand sets, even just a “hi”, then you will have¬†a new perspective on rejection. At this point the event came to a close and we went to the pub for beer.

I only stayed for a short while at the pub Рgenuine time constraint for the last train home. Overall the event was inspirational, mostly because these are all guys like you and me, the difference is, they have put the hard-work in to get what they want.

Bad points
No books to buy – I didn’t even get a chance to look at Tom’s book.
Although I flicked through Nick’s one (I decided it needed more pictures)
No half way break piss stop.

Good points
Good to meet Tom and Nick
Pretty inspirational overall
Good explanation of methodology for maintaining a European Har-M.
Unplugging is good, but you have to be prepared for it.