Month: April 2014

Yellow fever

I’ve now spent a couple of days here in Singapore and I have to say I like it here. It’s clean, safe, the people are friendly and there are some real stunning girls everywhere. I mean everywhere! in all the malls, on the street, on the bus, waitresses, waiting at bus stops, just lots and lots of pleasant easy on the eye flesh. (It’s hot here, shorts are short)

Some initial thoughts, I’ve found it difficult getting eye contact out here, maybe the girls check you out in a more subtle way but I haven’t been getting many street IOIs. The mind set of coming here as a “rich white man” and expecting all the local Asian cuties to drop their knickers is completely wrong. The girls here are “westernised” to a degree,  conversely I’ve found that isn’t a bad thing, they all speak English, therefore they get nuances of language and word-play. The full repertoire of your chat can be unleashed without the confused expressions you’d get from girls of other Asian nationalities.

“Ladies night” should be mentioned, it’s every Wednesday. I headed into the CBD  (Raffles place) with my host, he’s a tall German looking dude, we perched our selves in the thick of it and I was overcome with the yellow fever. Scores and scores of sexy business Asian girls, 8s 9s 10s all over the place. Not dressed in suits with laptops like you’d see in London. Figure hugging sexy dresses are the norm, the girls are thinner, prettier and way more feminine than the butch fat masculine ones found outside bars in London.

Business girl Singapore style

Business girl Singapore style

Ladies night here means all the girls get to drink for free, it defies logic seeing lots of well-dressed girls with the trappings of money queuing like children, empty cocktail glass in hand whilst they wait in line for cheap fruit punch. Over a 30 minute wait for a free drink. Just buy one.

Another bar I went to is “The Library” it’s a quirky little cocktail place, you need a password to get in, they publish it on social media. If you don’t get it in time, just slip the clerk at the 7-11 across the way a couple of bucks and he will tell you it.  “Club street” was also good to hang out, lots of pretty local girls, a good vibe and bars are all busy so it’s easy to approach.

I have my first date with a cute little Singaporean girl tomorrow, let’s see what happens. I’ll follow up with a report, I’m hoping of the lay kind, with her screaming “me sooooooo horny”.








Singapore melting pot

One twelve hour direct flight from London and I have arrived in Singapore, the first country on my four month quest for flags in south east Asia.

I have compiled my short-list of girls from the pipe lining work that I did before I came. I got a whole load of interest being on the local dating site as an foreigner.  Am here a week, and I have 6 girls whatsapp details, listed in order of who I want to bang:

  1. V – 20 Chinese
  2. T – 25 Singaporean
  3. S – 18 Singaporean
  4. N – 26 Vietnamese
  5. C – 31 Philippines
  6. G – 27 Philippines
Asian girls

The melting pot – Asian dishes

Singapore is an absolute melting pot of Asian cultures and nationalities, all having slightly different look to them, it’s can be a game to work out the nationality of the girl before you open them.

It’s blatantly obvious that I shouldn’t settle for one flag as this would be a cop out. Prime target are the Chinese looking girls, paler with smaller noses. As would be expected, there are very very few fatties walking around, most girls here are petite, slim and a little over 5ft, not much rack in the majority, but overall compared to the UK, it’s very hmmm… Fucking Awesome.

I have a logistical problem (again) I am staying with a friend, a friend who is married and therefore I can’t bring girls back to his rather awesome apartment on the river on pain of his wife leaving him.  To compound the matter most girls certainly live in their family home as rent is expensive here.  Having the father, mother, uncles, cousins  and siblings in the next room whilst I violate their sweet little girl isn’t gonna happen.

This leaves me with few options:

  1. An hourly hotel – not sure this will fly with the girls, not exactly under the radar. (my friend suggested it, he probably has experience there)
  2. I check out of my friends place, check into my own apartment and lord it.
  3. Wing it and hope for some sex on location.

The only real option of course being no. 2.

Looks like tomorrow first thing on the list is to find a new place put my cowboy hat and rice noodles.

Cock blocked

I’m back out in my home town having a beer with my cousin. Scanning the pub for girls, there are a few, I eye fuck a girl but chicken out of the approach. My cousin has recently moved to my home town from Spain and has been working in a bar. He hasn’t been laid since he moved here, I’ve tried giving him some advice, but I don’t see it as my responsibility to school him. I show him the picture of the Italian girl who I banged in my car, he says he recognises her as she had been in the bar with some other dude. Small town.

We head to another bar, there are very slim pickings, one two-set of girls in the whole place, one is an 8, dark hair, petite with a great rack, they are drinking jaegar bombs. I rationalise that’s a good sign, push through my AA and open them. “What are you celebrating?”

They are receptive, turns out they are both French, one is living here and the other is visiting (the 8). They are having a night out before the 8 goes back home the next day. We buy more drinks, and here is where I perform my first mistake. I didn’t sit next to the girl I wanted, therefore I couldn’t escalate her or try and isolate her. I am still eye fucking her, I get the feeling she is a “maybe bordering on a yes”.

Second mistake, unfortunately is my cousin, he’s not really a proper wing, and was saying some random crap, I kept having to dive into the conversation to make it more interesting when he opened his mouth. If I’d try to isolate my girl I couldn’t have left my cousin with her friend, as she would have likely got bored and dragged off  my girl. There is an interesting post by Roosh about the benefits of going out alone which I concur with.

The pub shuts, and they want to continue the party, you’d think out of the four of us we could have one house to go to. The 8 is visiting and staying with her Frenchie friend who has a boyfriend, so we can’t go back there,  my cousin rents a room in the house of a local Polish family and we can’t got there either, and well, I live at my family home before am off travelling. Fuck, double fuck and tripled fucked. It’s painful losing to logistics, cock blocked because of no venue. They head off home, my dreams of fucking the 8 going with them.


Doggy style

Vet sets

I am at the vets in my local town to have my dog looked at. I hadn’t hope for much, but the veterinary nurse is very cute, lovely face, the uniform doesn’t do much for me, but I can tell she has a great body.  I eye-fuck her and try and get some chat going, no luck. I tried to be casual and ask random dog related questions, but there is only so many “Why does a dog eat the poo of her puppies” type questions that I have in the bag. The other veterinary nurse is more friendly, inevitably she is not hot.

In the waiting a room a cute blonde (see pic below) shows up to pick up her dog, she can see me checking her out. Tight jeans, see through white top, with a great ass. I engage with more situational dog related crap, and consider briefly telling her she has a great bum before chickening out. She picks up her ugly french bull dog, but waves as she heads out of the car park with her little mutt in tow, it’s face pressed against the car window. Friendly.


Girl at vets

Doggy style?

Hired gun

In the evening I pick up my friend and we head into town, we’re catching up on the latest in a long line of misdeeds from his terrible girlfriend. I’ve repeatedly told him to dump her but he won’t listen to me. (I’ll put together a list of the things she has done, it’s painful reading). We head to a local bar, the barmaid is cute, I feel attracted to her, she’s friendly and easy to speak to, more tight jean great bum action. It seems I can’t get enough of it today.

She’s overly attentive and interested (listening in on our conversation), I try and do the Alpha over gesticulate and find even the smallest joke funny body language. I did notice this did get more of her attention, women are hard wired to like this type of behavior.

We hang out until the bar is about to shut, where upon I have to explain the rules of cock blocking and being a good wing to my mate so he won’t try and steal the girl. I reason to him that I opened her therefore she’s mine to game. (I firmly believe you have to put your own work in) I tell her we are off to another bar and invite her to come with us (I wouldn’t normally do this), I try and number close, directly asking for her number. She indicates she has a boyfriend, thing is, I know she’s interested, I can feel it, and I reason she can’t give her number is because the other bar staff are listening and know her boyfriend. There must be a  more subtle way to get her contact details. If I was staying here and not travelling for four months to bang girls around the world I’d pursue her.

First Italian girl 2nd day bang

It’s a Friday night, I’m out in my local town having a beer with my old man before he returns back to contracting in the middle east. The pub I am in is a typical English small town affair, lots of drunk old fellas and English fatty women.

With my recent re-emergence into game, I’m back trying to eye-fuck every girl I get the DNA pang for. A two set of girls are acting a bit crazy, 7.5 and her mate, it’s seems obvious that they are screaming for some male attention. My old man goes to the loo, I see this as my opportunity to dive in, i push through my AA.

The 7.5 is Italian, as soon as I open my mouth to chat I can see her eyes sparkle, she is a “yes” girl. Just out of an 11 year relationship, visiting my home town on a work placement for 3 weeks. Cha-ching. I quickly number close and get back receiving life advice from my old man, that was almost too easy.

Girl beanie

Like this, 2 points less.

Day 1

I send a feeler text and organise to meet her in the week. She seems keen, so I run the three venue date model, we hit a couple of bars then a little restaurant for dessert. It all goes really easily, but I failed to plan my logistics. At this point in time I am seriously cock blocked as I am living in my family home before I go travelling. She mentions she has a house mate, so I assume I can just go back to hers should things go well and fuck her there.

I kiss her after the date, she’s getting pretty horny as I walk her home. Outside her house more tongue action ensues, I get a feel of her tits, she asks me to kiss her neck, she is making those little girly noises any red-blooded man likes to hear.  I start rubbing her tits and her pussy over her jeans.

Logistic failure kicks in, she can’t invite me in as it’s a family home, and she is renting a room. Fuck! (I’m going to Lanzarote the next day)

Day 2

I keep the texts pinging through my lay-less holiday. The day I return on my flight I get back late afternoon, she fires me a text in the evening.

“How would you like to pick me up from the train station?”

Immediately I go through the “White Knight vs. Alpha” internal debate, I decide since I haven’t been laid and due to the success of the previous date to reframe her text. I tell her am busy but I can maybe pick her up later but she has to bribe me with “cake”.  (I use cake a lot in my pickup, yet rarely ever eat it)

She is shit with logistics, she gives me the wrong train time (lucky i confirm the details and arrive when the train arrives, not the time she told me). I pick her up at the station it’s late (10:30pm), she is immediately friendly and touchy I can feel this is good. To build the rapport and comfort back up I take her to a little bar I know, we play Jenga and drink Guinness, she opens up more about her life, she used to be a life guard, everything just feels right.

She tries to kiss me in the pub, I back her off a bit and tell her to wait. I go a bit more sexual, slowing down the way I talk, looking into her eyes. The sexual tension ramps up, we are barely talking or playing Jenga. Conversation dries up, I take her outside, we go to my car and kiss more. I ramp it up back to the same point we had on the first date.

She suggests we find a quiet place in the country,  she is all over me for the next 10 minutes whilst I am desperately trying to recall any dark country lane I can take her down. I decide on somewhere I know. It’s pitch black when we arrive, the engine is off, we start undressing each other, things quickly progress and I bang her in my car with her ass setting off the car horn.



Tom Torero Book Launch

I had a free Friday evening so thought that I’d check out the book launch for Tom Torero of

After reserving my seat I headed down to Marble Arch in London. For some reason the pressure of attending a pick-up event brought out the need to open a set on the way down. I had great eye contact from a girl, she even came and stood in front of me on the tube, but my AA kicked in.

My vibe was completely shot to pieces as I hadn’t really communicated with any one all day, instead making it part way through the 3rd season of Battlestar Galatica (Caprica 6 anyone?) and working on a website. So needless to say I didn’t open, yeah I regret that now.

Caprica 6

Caprica 6- Definitely my type

The event itself was pretty good, it’s obvious that both Tom Torero and Nick Krauser have their shit sorted. Nick does still look a bit “old-school pua” with multiple rings and accessories, I was impressed with his boots, metal edged bronze toe-caps.


Krauser – Not my type

The first half was Nick explaining how to maintain a European Harem ( Har-M in his term-of-speak) using a football analogy. I have no fucking idea about football, essentially it boiled down to:

  1. There are some girls into you and you are into them, they will stick around for a long time and you can fuck them. (inner circle, Ryan Giggs)
  2. There are others who come and go, you fuck them, but they are less into you. (less reliable, Striker)
  3. These girls are players (football not pickup) and are on rotation, there will be some attrition, but they will come and go in your life, you need to maintain them.
  4. You should take cheap flights to European cities, number farm through day game, get some options, get dates.
  5. Game them in their own city, then come back and long game them, you probably wont get the lay on your first visit, the second visit lay is more likely.
  6. Using some easy techniques you can make them stick around longer than they would do normally.
  7. You fulfil the role of the “pool boy”, you are “r-selected”, you are completely different world to her life.
  8. You are not the provider or boyfriend, you are a conduit to a different life.
  9. She doesn’t want to be rescued, she has a good life, you are her cool London guy (different to everyone else in her life)
  10. You add something to her life she doesn’t have, you are not white-knighting or rescuing her.
  11. 3 pillars of this game (as I recall) adventure, comfort and discretion.
  12. To maintain the harem: ping girls short texts: “I am at my brothers, wrestling my nephew”, “I saw a girl who looked like you, she was upset because she lost her ice cream”
  13. Every two weeks or so for a couple of hours, have a longer conversation where you talk about “normal shit”, girls want emotion and comfort, you let her offload her baggage.
  14. Be discreet, you are her dirty little secret, never “like” her photos or comment directly on her facebook only contact her via private message.

All of this was hitting home, all I could think of was shit, I’m doing it wrong with all the potentials I have on Facebook, girls I’ve met, but have written off for some reason (like I don’t live near them). This is gonna queue a whole string of feeler pings to girls on Facebook, I’m not maintaining my Har-M!

Then the further realisation, I had wanted a way to keep it touch with the Italian girl I fucked recently. I hadn’t known how to go about it (she was moving to the Netherlands), I now have my strategy.

Tom Torero

Tom Torero

After Krauser, Tom rolled in. He chatted about unplugging from the matrix and read aloud the last pages of  his new book. He put daygame into the context of a wider strategy for happiness. He made it clear that should you unplug, then you still need something else to plug into (projects),

I suppose it runs analogous with “game proper” you shouldn’t remove your he-plug from her she-socket without having alternative she-sockets, or preferably a she-adaptor with multiple she-sockets.

Tom then went into detail for how brutal daygame can be, especially in a foreign country and especially if you are on your own, the “dark nights of the soul”.

You should recognise what’s holding you back from living the life you want, because having an explicit recognisation of this allows you to work through it. For Tom it seemed that it was family stuff, it seemed obvious that there was a lot more to it than his folks not wanting him to piss off around the world, probably someone he feels he has to be around to support. For me this resounded true as well.

I’d put off buying the ticket for my four month trip to South East Asia since leaving my job. Multiple reasons, “I wasn’t in good enough shape”, “I still had stuff to sell”, I also had my own family reasons for not leaving, these are the excuse weasels stopping us, anyway, thankfully I have overcome them. (I leave for Singapore in a week for four months travel)

Sell everything, Tom emptied out his travel bag which contained fuck all apart from a laptop, “a pack of essentials” which I assumed was a family pack of condoms, a passport and the clothes he was wearing. We don’t need all the shit that we collect and it holds us back adding clutter to our lives, physically and mentally.

For a book launch the whole thing was pretty low key, they didn’t even have copies of either Nick’s or Tom’s books to buy, which I think was a bit of a failure on their part, looking round the room I could see plenty of budding daygamers willing to spend their hard-earned greenbacks on the book, sadly none to buy, disappointing (we were told there would be no books to buy, but still..).

There was a question and answer bit, a few good questions, but a lot of questions revealed more about some in the audience, showing that they just “didn’t get it” and to my mind probably never would.

I asked Nick a question about “Rejection and how he copes with it”, it was the first thing that came to mind, this isn’t really a sticking point for me, I just wanted to ask him something. He got me to qualify how much day game I had done, “none”, how long I had been doing game of anyl types, i said “5 years”, plucked it from the air, how many sets I had opened, “100” plucked again, but I guess it could be rough estimate, as in the past 5 years I have mostly been in LTRs.

He told me I was at the beginning of my daygame journey and that rejection still hurts, but lessens with time, and that you need to go through a thousand sets, even just a “hi”, then you will have a new perspective on rejection. At this point the event came to a close and we went to the pub for beer.

I only stayed for a short while at the pub – genuine time constraint for the last train home. Overall the event was inspirational, mostly because these are all guys like you and me, the difference is, they have put the hard-work in to get what they want.

Bad points
No books to buy – I didn’t even get a chance to look at Tom’s book.
Although I flicked through Nick’s one (I decided it needed more pictures)
No half way break piss stop.

Good points
Good to meet Tom and Nick
Pretty inspirational overall
Good explanation of methodology for maintaining a European Har-M.
Unplugging is good, but you have to be prepared for it.