Double your dating in Kiev

I went to Kiev again, this time with only 1 wing.  (Thur to Sun) We found an apartment near the main walking street. Since I’ve been having a lot of success recently, and I banged 2 girls last time ( 1 month ago) in 4 days I didn’t really feel any pressure for results.

We did a little Daygame, I got a  handful of numbers, none of which were as hot as the prospects I had been long gaming. My long game prospects: One cute slim dark haired girl (Piano girl), who was almost a yes girl, but logistics got in the way before I could meet her, 1 super hot blonde girl (motorbike girl), 1 x 17 year old virgin, and I also had the 2 girls I banged last time (green coat girl, and sexy heels girl), both hot.

So I had 2 days of double dates, our plane arrived late on the Thursday, I’d initially planned to meet her Thur but the meet got pushed to Fri.

Kiev Piano Girl

Piano girl like this. 😉


After daygame I met piano girl for dinner, (Sushi near my apartment), I was instantly attracted to her, very cute, and hotter than I remember. After the sushi she took me for a walk, showed me some parts of Kiev that I’d missed, we got pretty close, and I tried to kiss her, but she kept pulling her head to the side. There was loads of kino, arm in arm walking, I was pushing her around, teasing her, actually the whole experience were great. I teased her about the Ukrainian flag, why are there Swedish flag every where? 🙂

The headache came with the transition to see the next girl (sexy heels girl), so I texted the her girl that I was going to be late, then the piano girl wanted to come with me almost to where I was going to meet her. Never reverse the polarity and let the wires cross. So, I had to pretend my apartment was in the opposite direction, say goodbye to the piano girl, wait 5 mins and follow behind her, to meet the 2nd girl. Thankfully, she had gone, and it was on with sexy heels, (I had banged her last time), and I banged her again that night, a great great night. (I should write another post about this)

Sexy heels girl like this.

Sexy heels girl like this.


Next morning I said goodbye to sexy heels to meet the piano girl again, we walked around some parks, and looked at some local art, had lunch and again there was massive attraction. She wanted to kiss me but wouldn’t, she was floppy and draped over me in the bar where we ate. Finally got a kiss, but I guessed the bang wasn’t on, so went to meet the 2nd girl again. More fun with her in Buddah bar, then back to my  apartment.

We fell asleep before banging, and my taxi to the airport was due at 7am, I woke up at 6:45, and go in 20 mins of sex before the driver started calling.

Kiev is awesome, dates, kissing and banging two very hot girls.



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