Persistance vs Neediness

Pre-game I was persistent but in a needy way, over-investing in interactions and trying to entertain the girl. “why don’t you respond to my texts?”

Post game, when I realised that i was kinda OK with girls, my ego got a boost and I stopped being persistent, I was too good for them, so they didn’t deserve my attention.

“why should I text her again if she hasn’t bothered to reply”..

Both are not the most efficient way of getting girls, nowadays I’m being persistent without being needy. I’ve heard accounts from girls about them sleeping with a guy just because he was more persistent than her other suitors. The guy just wouldn’t give up, and got his reward. Hound that pussy!

So she doesn’t respond to your text?, who cares, you are not that special and neither is she. She takes an age to respond?, wait the same length of time and then respond. She doesn’t write much in her texts?, do the same. Mimic their style of text,
but keep pushing them down the road to the date.

Protecting your value should come 2nd to getting her out on a date, better to risk your ego being hit and investing a little in her by asking her out for a quick drink than not. All she can do is say no, or not respond, so then roll-off and re-engage a week or two later.

Keep going until she either blocks you, tells you to fuck off or stops replying completely.

Better to lose because you tried too hard than not trying hard enough.


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