*I’ve got a boyfriend*

Another full day of daygame yesterday, started around Seven dials then moved down towards Covent Garden and Oxford Circus, no Trafalgar Square this time. Opened 25 sets, most of them I got the BF line with, but some really very positive responses and enjoyable interactions.

I got 2 numbers, I know I could have pushed to close for more numbers. I thought both number closes were pretty solid with an interaction of around 10 mins, an English girl (late 20s) and an Italian girl (early 20s). They were also the sets that I thought ran the smoothest.

I “made the day” of at least 4 girls who actively told me that, one even grabbed me and hugged me as she left to go get her flight back to Germany. It was a day of firsts, first time I opened a girl who was in running gear (10 min interactions, with her eventually telling me about her bf that she lives with), and first time I got off a train with a girl on purpose to open her on the station platform, even though it wasn’t my stop. (Again she had a boyfriend)

Moving on to texting, I realised (by accident) that I had been texting the wrong girl. So the super hot Californian I’d thought I’d been texting was a girl who I met on the same day but did’t fancy much. Anyway the unintentional push seemed to work (2.5 days later) I text her and get an immediate reply. She even immediately went overtly sexual, see here:

First offence?

First offence?

Also, a plate is about to fall of the radar:


Check the time, I think she was drunk, actually I was very honest with her and had already given her the “talk” about not wanting anything serious…


25 Approaches

2 Numbers

0 Dates


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