Full day today

30 opens today, and a shit load of mixed responses. My ego took a battering, but managed to push through and hit “state”. 2 solid numbers, but not the quality I would go for normally, one an Australian 19 year old, and one early 20’s Slovakian singer. I’m actually not really bothered about either as I believe my SMV is higher than both.

I also realised my work rate is sub par, met up with a wing and a daygamer who has been doing it for 2+ years. One of the main things I noticed was that his work rate was at least 50% above mine. He opens girls and really takes every advantage he can, every possible set he can open, he will.

My stop also isn’t good enough, I don’t use my hands enough. To really get them to stop, I also ran out of things to say a few times, and went into boring hairdresser question mode. He also demo’d some of his text game to me, and frankly mine is a bit shit, so I need to work on that.

A good day though, I really pushed it, from 2pm until 10pm. 8 hours. yeah.


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