First 18 year old French girl lay

I have hooked one of my friends called Simon into doing some daygame, he was initially dreading it but he opened a few in Trafalgar Square one late afternoon after I pushed him into it. A few warm up sets then he got a couple of numbers. I opened a few too, got a couple of numbers too and we went off to a few bars for a debrief very happy.

We met another guy who does some game called Mark in the Punch and Judy for a beer, he opened 3 girls (one hot girl older, one average girl v-young, one fatty). All French and visiting London and quite bored, since Mark opened he got first choice and hooked with older hottie Frenchie, which left Simon and and me with the other two. Fatty was boring, and made it clear she had a boyfriend. Youngie  was the sister of the older Frenchie, she wearing a romper type suit which showed off her legs and her massive cleavage. She spoke little English and I wasn’t initially attracted to her, well, initially.

We agreed to wing Mark until he could isolate his girl, more beers flowed, we bounced to Dirty Martini cocktail bar. A few happy hour cocktails and I was starting to enjoy looking at this young lasses legs. We played the “Knocking game” and “Kill Fuck Marry”, Youngie indicated that I was her “Fuck”.  At this point Simon was sat next to her, me opposite, she was staring straight at me whilst she mouthed the word “Fuck”.

A streak of competition flowed, fuelled by Simon’s failing attempts to seduce her, her obvious horniness and my desire to see what was under the romper suit. Simon went to the toilet, I switched with him, chatted to her, escalated, then said I want to “show you this really cool thing outside”. I took her by the hand, dragged her outside and kissed her. It escalated very quickly, hands all over each other, she was clearly very very horny.

That left me with her, Mark with older Frenchie and Simon pissed that he was left with Fatty. He left shortly after, then the girls decided they had to go. At this point I thought I might have a fight on my hands to try and get mine back. No need for that, French girl suggested we go back to mine, cleared it with her sister and fatty and off we went in a taxi.

20 mins later, at mine, romper suit is off, no last minute resistance.




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