London Latvian disaster

Had an interesting insta-drink then bounce to friends flat with two 19 year old Latvian girls, both very cute. Met them in Trafalgar square, they were already drinking (bottle of coke spiked with Vodka – so they could drink on the bus down, classy) They had been in Scotland working on a farm picking flowers for a month and were heading back to Riga that evening.

Accused them of being in a rock band, then helped them take photos sat on the Lions, hilarious as they were a bit tipsy, and I had to man-handle them up onto the platforms. Took the photos, my wing then arrived, bounced them to a bar for some drinks, couple of drinking games. My wing is a French guy who I met via a PUA website, he’s OK, maybe a little odd, he doesn’t follow any kind of model, he just opens with random stuff. I didn’t realise how weird he actually was. (more coming…)

Like this x 2 - one Brunette,  one Blonde.

Like this x 2 – one Brunette, one Blonde.

Pushed them into a Taxi to his place near Baker street, the girls were asking “where are we going, how far is it?”. Got them there, they were a bit nervous, but just said it would be a quick drink then we would kick them out. His room had a balcony, so took *my* girl there, did the “10 seconds slow count with out smiling”. Tried to kiss her, no joy. She went back to join her friend they both started dancing to some Latvian music.

Here’s where my choice of wing was bad, I could tell *his* girl wasn’t really into him. At one point she came to me on the balcony, I had a pen, so it seemed fun to draw on each others arms.

Then it came, a splash to the face, in front of the two girls, the French guy threw a glass of wine in my face. (White, so it wasn’t a complete disaster). He apologised, then said he’d been trying to throw it over the balcony. I was actually pretty shocked, full glass of wine straight in the face, all because of the green-eyed monster.

I went to the bathroom, deciding what to do. The girls were leaving in an hour, I couldn’t properly isolate mine, I was dealing with a jealous wing who couldn’t keep his shit together and has just proven that in spectacular fashion.

I went back, said goodbye to the girls and the French guy and left without getting angry, I heard he threw them out later.

There is no failure, just interesting stories.


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