Tom Torero – One to one

So I decided to kick-start my one month daygame journey with a one to one taught by Tom Torero. This was last Friday, I spent 5 hours with him and man it was worth it. Despite reading all the blog posts and viewing all of the youTube videos there is nothing quite like watching a pro do it in person.

I opened over 20 sets that day, all women I would quite happily bang. My 4th set hooked easily (a very hot Hungarian girl) but this was early doors, so Tom gave me the choice to continue with him or opt to take her on an insta-date. I opted to keep with the learning process and took her contact details.

He taught the structure to my hap-hazard style, my AA melted away and flow started to kick in. Most importantly I really started to enjoy the interactions. Tom is great teacher,

Lots of sets, plenty of good interactions, most of which I self ejected and no harsh blow outs. He video’d me and we went through some of my sticking points, firstly its voice tonality, 2nd it was to “go direct” and third was to spike and tease.

I started to work on those, and by the end there were some very solid interactions, including one with a German girl. I got an audience of 2 other daygamers, Jon matrix and his wing. I took her contact details and had a fun interaction all whilst the elite of dg looked on.

It was also a weird day, a couple of other random things happened. I out-played an Italian man with a cute Polish girl, he saw our interaction and just gave up and left after trying it on with her.

I also opened two girls who turned out to be filming a documentary, the two camera crew arrived when I was mid flow to cockblock me, they were aghast that I was hitting on both girls. I told them I was greedy. 😉

We also opened girls in shops (an untapped resource). On one occasion I was sure Tom could bounce and fuck a cute girl. It was definitely “on”, he was demoing how easy a shop close was. Thankfully his teaching responsibilities came first, he number closed, but I’m sure she has a high change to feature in his next book.

A memorable day, which has set me up for the next month of day gaming.

Game on.


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