Be more sociable

I did my first sniper compliment on my way home for Easter. 15 minutes to kill in Kings Cross station before my train left, spotted a cute Asian girl listening to her iPod, motioned her to take out her ear buds. I fired across the compliment, “I gotta go soon as I have to get my train, but I like your style, it’s really nice”, of course she said “thanks” then off I went. Small victories, but it was good because I really didn’t want to do it and forced myself.

Chatted with a German guy and his girlfriend, an easy open as they were dressed in lederhosen and heading to a German beer fest at Ally Pally.

At the my home station I chatted to the two barista girls, asked them if they got bored of saying the same stuff. One had a name badge the other didn’t, ribbed her for not being as important as her friend. Then guessed her name as something random. They both giggled was fun, added a little bit of sparkle to their day. Hindsight, one seemed quite keen. Maybe could have number closed her.

Talked to some youngsters back from a Geology weekend away whilst I waited outside my local train station. One had a bag full of fossils and rocks. They were complaining that they were heavy, but pretty impressed with their finds.

Friday night opened two Italian girls at my local bar, with a rib about one ordering the same thing 2 days in a row, and that she should be more adventurous. One was cute, when I told her I was up from London and I lived in Nottinghill she hooked. Screwed up the interaction later by having a few too many beers. Number closed but I know it was a weak interaction. She has already flaked on text messaging.

Read the whole of Tom Toreros book on daygame whilst hungover the following day. An impressive list of lay reports, and a real eye opener for what’s possible if you dedicate your time and energies to the pursuit of something.

I also booked a 5 hour one-to-one day session with him, coming up this week.

Some really good interactions, and a number gained. I’ve noticed I get more IOIs as I’ve started to be more masculine and slower when I walk.

Reliance on alcohol to be sociable in the evenings is holding me back.

Tomorrow 5 sets.


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