London states of whatever

Stats for the last week:


2 spanish girls – Boyfriend line

1 polish (v -hot)  – FB close

1 south american – Zip


2 swedish girls – managed to get them back to my place in Nottinghill.  – BF line – no action


Double date with Slovak girl – kissed her, progressing to 2nd date.


2 girls- kept walking

2 set Taiwanese –  5 min chat then they went to see a show.

1 Japanese girl – about to chat to her, she went into a Asian food store, I picked up a  product asked her about it, number closed her.

Like this bit without the rack.

Like this but without the rack.

Overall, not a bad week, but Wednesday to Friday were all night game, with only Sunday being day game.

Positives were, 2 Swedish girls in my flat, I am back on daygaming and I kissed the cute Slovak who I really want to bang.

Negatives, today was tough, super tough, felt completely without “state” and it’s only when I number closed the Japanese girl that I started to feel that social vibe. I’d like to blame it on a week of too much alcohol, but actually I think it comes down to a lack of confidence and entitlement.

I reread the post by Krauser about state, and will incorporate that into my game for the coming week. Also this week I plan to get some daygame in early by using my lunch hour, perhaps the hour time constraint will force me into being more efficient.


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