Trade off

Ideally I’d work two days a week and have 5 days off to pursue my own interests. At the minute I’m working on a means to earn a passive income, I’m exploring buying / selling on third-party platforms (Amazon / Ebay) whilst holding down a 5 day a week job as an IT contractor. 95% of my income comes from my work, the rest from the buying / selling.

In wage terms, I’ve never had it so good, I’m being paid the most money I ever have and doing the least amount of work for it. Thing is, I’m bored, the work has dried up, but they keep extending my contract due to inefficiencies in management and a fear that if I leave and something goes wrong, then they would be in the shit with the client.

So without fail on a monthly basis, my recruiter calls me and tells me the company wants to extend my contract for another month and without fail I wish he wouldn’t. I now have a little nest egg stashed away, money isn’t an issue, I don’t have any expenses, mortgage, car or children.

I’m trading off my time earning versus hitting the day game hard and working out. Ideally I want to spend one third of my free time working out, one third running game and the final third working on business ideas of my own.

Before my latest contract extension, I’d decided on doing one month 10 sets per day minimum to get some real exposure to day game. I’ve had some success with it, but I want to see how far I can push it. Next extension is my last.


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