5 Lessons I learned from 1 month of daygame in London

London, yes it’s cold wet and expensive, but seriously.. the young hot women.

London - successful use of lolly pop game.

London – successful employment of “lolly pop” game.

My Unplugging from the matrix  continues, I now live in the capital. I’m contracting in IT during the week, every weekend from 1pm until early evening I roll around London trying to pick-up chicks on the street. At the moment I average between 3 and 10 sets per day, this doesn’t sound much I know (you go try it), the whole thing is mentally strenuous at least for a beginner, but these are the things I have so far learned:

1. It’s difficult (at least at first)

First lesson is, it’s hard, very hard to put yourself out there going direct, overcoming approach anxiety and talking to girls on the street.  My first set took me almost 2 hours to build up to, I finally approached and I was a nervous wreck. The number close came, I fully expected it to flake, and guess what, it did.

However, once past the first couple of approaches, the whole thing gets way easier. The adrenaline and buzz from taking action that most men are scared to do sober is truly amazing.

2. Flakes levels are high

Grabbing numbers count for shit when trying to get a lay. I’d say 30 – 50% time I’d get a number after an approach, and out of those maybe every 7 numbers I converted to a date.

Once you “fall off the radar” with a girl you may as well just delete her number and move on. Saying that, I did get some very positive results for the few dates that I actually went on. I would not have had those results without daygame.

3. Logistics matter

The biggest barrier from the street to a lay once the girl is on board was competing logistics. If you have a day job, a social life, gym etc.. fitting in dates with multiple women starts to become a problem.

I cock-blocked myself when a lay was on because I already had a girl at mine and had no where to go with a receptive French girl who was looking to hook up. The problems of being a player.

4. Target selection is paramount

Generally speaking (although not always) girls receptive to your lothario ways already look like they want you to approach them. The only really major bad blow-out ego hits I had were with girls who looked like bitches or who looked like they that had to be somewhere and were walking fast.

5. Same Day Lays (SDLs) are possible

Day 2 of my daygame adventure I hooked after about 10 sets with a 22 year old Italian girl (I am 13 years her senior). If that’s not a ringing endorsement that this shit works I don’t know what is.

It just worked, I didn’t do anything special, we seemed to click and I just kept pushing. She ended back in my room.. “we can’t have sex”.. well 20 mins later…




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