Singapore melting pot

One twelve hour direct flight from London and I have arrived in Singapore, the first country on my four month quest for flags in south east Asia.

I have compiled my short-list of girls from the pipe lining work that I did before I came. I got a whole load of interest being on the local dating site as an foreigner.  Am here a week, and I have 6 girls whatsapp details, listed in order of who I want to bang:

  1. V – 20 Chinese
  2. T – 25 Singaporean
  3. S – 18 Singaporean
  4. N – 26 Vietnamese
  5. C – 31 Philippines
  6. G – 27 Philippines
Asian girls

The melting pot – Asian dishes

Singapore is an absolute melting pot of Asian cultures and nationalities, all having slightly different look to them, it’s can be a game to work out the nationality of the girl before you open them.

It’s blatantly obvious that I shouldn’t settle for one flag as this would be a cop out. Prime target are the Chinese looking girls, paler with smaller noses. As would be expected, there are very very few fatties walking around, most girls here are petite, slim and a little over 5ft, not much rack in the majority, but overall compared to the UK, it’s very hmmm… Fucking Awesome.

I have a logistical problem (again) I am staying with a friend, a friend who is married and therefore I can’t bring girls back to his rather awesome apartment on the river on pain of his wife leaving him.  To compound the matter most girls certainly live in their family home as rent is expensive here.  Having the father, mother, uncles, cousins  and siblings in the next room whilst I violate their sweet little girl isn’t gonna happen.

This leaves me with few options:

  1. An hourly hotel – not sure this will fly with the girls, not exactly under the radar. (my friend suggested it, he probably has experience there)
  2. I check out of my friends place, check into my own apartment and lord it.
  3. Wing it and hope for some sex on location.

The only real option of course being no. 2.

Looks like tomorrow first thing on the list is to find a new place put my cowboy hat and rice noodles.


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