An act of violence

One of the reasons that I am embracing red pill ideology is an act of violence, performed by myself on a shithead who deserved the hiding he got.

Let me put this into context, I had never been in a fight until this incident  (apart from playground stuff), I was a typical white collar desk jockey looking to avoid confrontation.

On this particular night (I will go into it in another post) I completely lost it. Red mist, blood lust, rage, anger, hatred all came out of me, 6 months pent up anger at the verbal bullying and ridicule I had received from shithead culminated in me pounding his face on a work night out.  The drink had flowed, he had been his typical arsehole self and that was it, I was punching his face, he was hitting me, we were toe-to-toe and well, I enjoyed it. The police were called, he had facial injuries, I had some bruising and a broken finger.

This happened three months ago, I thought all was done with, I didn’t take things further and I assumed he wouldn’t. We both left working for that company and I had put the incident behind me in preparation for my travels. Part of the reason for learning Muay Thai is to make sure I can defend myself in the future (not that I did badly on this occasion).

I want to go into some detail as to my experience dealing with this down the cop shop and how the research I did before probably ended up with me being cautioned rather than having a criminal record.

I will write about that in future posts.




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